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THE Prod

François Catonné

This film tells the story of a pictorial adventure. From October 2011 to May 2012, Albert Sauteur painted a self-portrait in 107 sessions. 107 sessions in which a camera framing the painting, placed behind the painter's head and connected to a computer, recorded every dab of paint. 21935 pictures of every stage of the painting, creating an animated painting. It’s this performance that’s related in this 9-minute film.

Albert Sauteur is a Swiss painter who lives and works near Friborg. He is the inventor of the binocular perspective, a method of drawing in which, instead of the painter closing an eye to give his drawing a single vanishing point, keeps both eyes open, so that parts of the drawing have different vanishing points.
His work consists almost entirely of still lives of very small dimensions, often less than 20cm in size, which show two objects.

This documentary is part of a collection of portraits of painters devised and directed by François Catonné (DOP on more than sixty films: Régis Wargnier, Bertrand Blier, Robert Enrico, Gerard Mordillat...). The idea is to show the painter at work: all the action takes place in the artist’s studio, in which they are the only people to be seen and heard.

This film has been awarded « Grand Prix du court-métrage » 2018 at the MIFAC, International Festival of Films on Contemporary Artists which takes place each year in Le Mans, France.

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