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Documentaries // Horses & equestrianism


3 x 52'

French and International


Peignoir Prod.

Aleksandar Dzerdz

The Arabian horse: an animal whose character has been formed under the harsh conditions of desert life and whose bloodlines can be found in almost every equine breed today. It has inspired the greatest artists. It has fascinated men. It is the only animal to have conquered the world on an artistic, spiritual and military level. In this trilogy we reveal the secrets behind this Prince of the Desert.

PRINCE OF THE DESERT, the Story of a Legend (51')
A film that tells the long and thrilling tale of the Arabian horse and the very special relationship that it has developed with man in the Arab world. A docu-drama in which the narrator, a Polish count, takes us on a gripping journey from the pyramids of Egypt to the dunes of Qatar, further enhanced by precise reconstitutions and exceptional iconographic research.

PRINCE OF THE DESERT, the purebred Arabian race horse (57')
The second film in the trilogy focuses on the racing of purebred Arabians. Today these races are enjoying a resurgence of popularity both in the Arab world and in France. We invite you into the closed world of the Arabian purebred enthusiast and find out what drives them to why they are constantly trying to make the Arabian horse run faster while maintaining the genetic purity of the race.

PRINCE OF THE DESERT, perfect beauty (55')
The last film in the "Prince of the Desert" trilogy deals with the universal attraction of the Arabian horse, for whom an international beauty contest is being held at venues all over the world. We attend the main events and visit the prestigious stud farms. A film in which emirs, passion and perfection top the bill!

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