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Documentaries // Factual Entertainment


4 x 80’

French and International

SD or HD

TV Presse – TF1


Drink driving, speed, accidents: Paris under high surveillance – 83’ / SD (Director: Geoffroy Duval)
Different police departments work in synergy around the clock to keep the streets of Paris safe. The Ring Road Unit, the Service du Traitement Judiciaire des Accidents, motorcycle units… we followed these men and women, responding to emergencies under constant stress, who intervene and ensure the safety of road users.

Summer Cops: No break for delinquents – 81’ / SD Coproduction TV PRESSE/TFI (Director: Ludovic Marcelin)
Burglaries, brawls outside nightclubs, drunk driving, drug trafficking... During the summer, police in seaside towns find themselves waging a war on many fronts. How do they protect the holidaymakers? What do they do on a daily basis to prevent disturbances and assaults from ruining the holidays?

Marseille Connexion - 85’ / SD Coproduction TV PRESSE/TFI (Director: Laurent Boullard)
Since the 1st of September 2010, the Marseilles police have had a new unit. We followed the Compagnie de Sécurisation et d'Intervention in the field. Comprised of 190 police officers, specialising in intervention and the maintenance of law and order, what means does this unit have at its disposal to fight armed robbery, urban violence and gang warfare?

Robbery, assault: Elite brigades against young offenders – 74’ / HD Coproduction TV PRESSE/TFI (Director: David Cloarec)
The SIT, the Service d’Investigation Transversal, is a Paris-based unit in specialising in the fight against urban violence in general and organised gangs in particular. The SIT is comprised of 300 hand-picked officers charged with investigation and intervention throughout the whole of Paris and its suburbs.

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