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Durite Productions

Ivan Maucuit

Vertiges is the story of a young man who refuses to be knocked off course, whatever obstacles are placed in his way. Christophe is 25 years old and should be dead. He suffers from a rare genetic disease, Fanconi’s anaemia, which dramatically reduces the life expectancy of its victims. But Christophe has no respect for time. Indeed, he thumbs his nose at it!
And if Christophe can’t move mountains, he climbs them instead!
Dubbed the “creature of the cliff face” by his fellow climbers, no wall is too big for Christophe to tackle. Despite interminable hospital visits, blood transfusions, a bone marrow transplant and cancer, he is determined to surmount every obstacle in his path.
This astonishing, headstrong young man invites us to join him not only on a courageous journey but an extraordinary sporting adventure.

Vertiges is the story of an extraordinary life. A life that plays with the elasticity of time. A life spent postponing that last great leap into the unknown.

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