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Documentaries // Factual Entertainment


4 X 52'

French and International


Cosmopolitis Productions

Anne Dorr, Pascal Carron, Vincent Fooy

This series immerses us in the world of the extreme fire fighter. Through accounts and exceptional footage of their interventions, we reveal the courage and strength that drives these men and women to risk their lives to save others. It’s a job that requires more specialised training and skill today than ever before.
We follow fire crews in 4 different environments, each as extreme as the other:

1/ Extreme Firefighters / Heights and depths (urban environment): PARIS (director: Anne Dorr)
Their mission is to help people trapped in the heights or depths of the urban environment (underground quarries or tunnels, major construction sites or infrastructures, bridges, tunnels, wells, very tall buildings, monuments and structures, etc.), which require the use of specialist equipment or techniques.

2/ Extreme Firefighters / Canyons and white water: ALPES MARITIMES (director: Pascal Carron)
Their mission is to cope with flash floods, like the one in Draguignan in 2010, but also to assist people practising water sports in the many rivers and streams of the Alpes-Maritimes, a Mecca for extreme water sports in France (Gorges du Verdon, Vallée des Merveilles).

3/ Extreme Firefighters / Mountain rescue: HAUTE SAVOIE (director: Vincent Fooy)
The love and growth of sports such as skiing and snowboarding have led to more risks being taken in the French mountains and consequently, new rescue methods.
Every winter, 2,500 rescues are carried out in the French mountains. Whether its ice walls, crevasses or glaciers, the gendarmes at the Modane helicopter base in Haute-Savoie are ready to intervene in less than 20 minutes.

4/ Extreme Firefighters / Fire and ice: QUEBEC FIRE DPT/Canada (director: Vincent Fooy)
In winter, the Québec Fire Department intervenes in fires even when temperatures drop to -30°. Their mission consists of saving people not only from flames, but from the extreme cold that reigns during the winter months.
It’s a daily fight against the clock to prevent the water pipes from freezing up completely.

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