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Documentaries // Art, Culture & Music


115 X 26'
2009 - 2005

French, English and International


Florence Illemassène, Rémy Devèze, Benjamin Bloch

Funny, crazy, spectacular, moving, original, creative… the world’s best commercials analyzed in commentaries by specialists!
Through the prism of advertising, PLANETE PUB deciphers the way in which adverts treat (or mistreat!) people and their failings in different countries, analyses the differences between our cultures, and laughs at our daily lives and the peculiar ways of the human race.

Season 1 – 2005 (50 ep.)
Animals/Homosexuality/Seniors/Filthy kids/Life in a couple/Scandinavian Humour/Football/Like in the movies…/Stars/Rock'n'roll attitude/Science-fiction/Lingerie /Stupid and nasty/Family life/Religion/Money doesn’t bring happiness/Office life/Belgian humour/To work!/Thailand/Dirty people/Cop or gangster?/Black humour/Doctors and nurses/Japan/Western/Musicals/Let’s play sport!/France-United Kingdom/The human body/Madness/Great causes/Eroticism/Sexual attitude/Sensuality/Parodies/Sporting stars/Mythology/Politics/Other people/The small screen/Time to eat!/The big bad look/Travel/Great directors/Heroes/Great directors (Part 2)/Fashion/Tomorrow’s world/Animation

Season 2- 2006 (47 ep.)
Brazilian adverts/Stories from history/The jean saga/Comedians/Latin Argentina/French fifties/The 60s: mass consumption/War and Seventies/Italy/Advert art/Belle époque adverts/A century of advertising/The Netherlands on top /Cannes Film Festival awards/Advertising icons: in flesh and film/The 50s: the American Dream (Part A)/The war/The 50s: the American Dream (part B)/The news/Games of chance/Sweet pleasures/The press/Highway codes (Part A)/The history of the car/Highway codes (Part B)/Animals/The East/The 10 Commandments/South Africa/Hobbies/Parties/The 7 Deadly Sins/Solitary crowd/Movie parodies/Events adverts/TV and commercial parodies/Action adverts/Simple ideas/Australia and New Zealand/India/Celibacy/So British!/Mobile phones/Iberian adverts/The Cola wars/The American Dream/Health and beauty

Season 3- 2009 (15 ep.)
Music: commercials set the tone/New commercials directors/Viral adverts/The advert of 1001 adverts/Commercials of the rising run/Political adverts/Adverts in the cinema/Animation
Sport/European commercials/US commercials/Latino commercials/Fashionable adverts/Our first cousins/Tri-nations adverts

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