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Documentaries // Society


61’, 52’, 28’
2009 - 2005

French and International



Mireille Darc

Famous actresses go behind the camera and direct one or several documentaries: they turn their eye on topics close to their hearts and express their feelings on the subject…

UNE VIE CLASSEE X (61’) – 2005 (An X-rated Life)
The well-known and highly respected actress Mireille Darc meets nine X-rated movie actresses, in order to find out why, at such a young age, they’ve taken the risk of entering a world that’s not only rather special, but difficult to get out of. Gaining their trust, listening to them as they go about their daily business, she tries to understand how they came to be here, the choices they are faced with and the risks and difficulties they encounter.
The camera witnesses snatches of conversation, slices of life, observing with restraint and discretion. The words and images are sensitive and compassionate, and never voyeuristic, judgemental or accusing.

LES LISERONS D’EAUX / ENVOYE SPECIAL (28’50’’) – 2006 (Morning Glory of the Water)
The LA CHAINE DE L’ESPOIR association has created a hospital in Cambodia, which provides free surgery and treatment for poor children suffering from severe heart conditions.
Mireille Darc, whose own life was saved thanks to heart surgery in 1980, follows an 11-year-old Cambodian boy on his way to hospital in Phnom-Penh, 300km from his village, where he’ll undergo open-heart surgery. Reflecting back on her own story, Mireille Darc presents us with a sensitive and moving travel diary that’s full of hope.

VOYAGE VERS L’INCONNUE (52’) – 2009 (Journey towards the unknown)
Understanding the pain of mourning, accepting the death of a loved one, rubbing shoulders with death... Such is the challenge taken on by Mireille DARC in this touching film. In the company of Marie de Hennezel, Jean-Claude Ameisen and David Servan Schreiber, she takes us on a journey towards the “unknown”, the death that awaits us all one day, which scares us, intrigues us and makes us wonder.
“I’m aiming for a film devoid of value judgements, which will make death easier to understand and bring hope through encounters with positive people, and the tender demystification of our common fears.” Mireille Darc

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