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Pierre-Louis Levacher

Some stories begin well, but this one begins with a kidnapping: the abduction of Guillaume from a care home for paralysed people in France. Guillaume was born with a motor disability. In 2013 he’ll be 50. To celebrate his birthday, his sister Dorothée has decided to kidnap him in order to give him a wonderful surprise.
Accompanied by Dorothée, his other sister Charlotte and his mother Denise, Guillaume is taking to the road in a van for a long, beautiful trip to an unknown destination; a place where everyone is like him. Disabled and in a wheelchair? No! They’re going to Breda in Holland, the venue for the biggest annual gathering of redheads in the world!
Guillaume, his sisters and mother all have red hair. Despite its bad beginning, the story ends happily with Guillaume feeling, for once, like everyone else.
Through this surreal and poetic journey, a battle is waged by an entire family for the right to be normal. “Guillaume au Pays des Merveilles” is also an extraordinary expedition, a road movie through magnificent landscapes to Holland, passing through the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region with its wide open spaces and Opal Coast: “A region that looks like a crazy inventory by the poet Jacques Prévert”. During the 8-day drive to Breda, Guillaume, his sisters and mother travel the coast and the dunes of Flanders with key stopovers in Berck, Boulogne and Dunkirk. An ode to liberty, transcending disability!

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