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Emmanuelle Franc

Menahem means consolation in hebrew. As a child he got over the violence of anti-Semitism taking refuge into the music. At 92 years old, Menahem Pressler is still finding consolation during his concerts, master classes, rehearsals. Whatever may be the city he goes to, the only thing he ever sees are the concert hall, the airport, the hotel. Constantly seeking for a piano to work on, he feels like wasting his time as soon as he moves away from it. Just like in his childhood, music keeps beeing a refuge : When I'm in the music, I am not afraid anymore .
Music has gotten him over every pain, helped him to survive and to give some comfort in turn.
He is one of the last pianists of the fabulous Mitteleuropa music scene of the 50's and 60's, in the States.
He has founded the famous Beaux Arts Trio with Daniel Guillet and Bernard Greenhouse in 1955.
Although the initial band has changed many times, Menahem Pressler has never stopped being the trio leader and has maintained the band at the top of perfection and success, especially with his two last partners, Daniel Hope and Antonio Meneses. The Beaux Arts Trio has made a triumphant and historical goodbye tour in 2009.
Today, he is not only starting a brand new solist carrer, but he is also, as an educationalist, teaching at the University of Indiana, at Bloomington USA.
It is also the place where he is working, alone, like a talmudist is working on the Torah,
repeating again and again his music on the fingerboard.

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