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Short programmes
BOB GHETTO // 20 x 6' ou 90' - 2010

Once upon a time Bob Ghetto, a really different D.J.... Long hair, flashy sunglasses stuck on the nose, a toothy smile and a lot of self-derision...
His objective : to become the biggest D.J. in the world! His life will change when a TV team turns up in his native village Pouilly-sur-Bouze to follow him in his conquest of capital city!

RIMAQUOI // 65 X 3’ - 2007 - 2006

Performing scenes from the classical repertoire as contemporary mini-dramas: such is the challenge that has been successfully taken up by Rimaquoi.
Corneille, Moličre, Marivaux, Courteline… in a municipal swimming pool, a library, a public garden, a car park... dozens of extracts from the great French plays are transposed to modern-day settings. “We keep the texts. It’s just the context that changes”.
The aim: to encourage people who wouldn’t normally see or read these classic...

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