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Short programmes
AMOURS SOLITAIRES // 23 x 2'30 - 2019

This web-series tells a love story entirely through the lovers smartphones.
It is a new kind of series in which we share, day after day, the texted love conversation of Maud and Simon, the two characters.
In each episode we see at the same time the text of the message and the video showing where and how it is written: we read what the characters write but see and hear what they do and say while texting.
Each episode is a mini-story featuring an aspect of love or a...

RIMAQUOI // 65 X 3’ - 2007 - 2006

Performing scenes from the classical repertoire as contemporary mini-dramas: such is the challenge that has been successfully taken up by Rimaquoi.
Corneille, Moličre, Marivaux, Courteline… in a municipal swimming pool, a library, a public garden, a car park... dozens of extracts from the great French plays are transposed to modern-day settings. “We keep the texts. It’s just the context that changes”.
The aim: to encourage people who wouldn’t normally see or read these classic...

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