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Short programmes
Adult animation

GYMNASTICS is a new form of timeless cultural programme. Each episode arouses our curiosity, directs our gaze towards extraordinary characters, and creates links between topics that, at first glance, have little in common. GYMNASTIQUE catches the spirit of the time, identifies emerging trends and tells singular, surprising and unexpected stories.
A wide range of topics that combine journalistic rigour, exacting narrative and humour! Previously unheard or little-known stories, (falsely)...

Adult animation
THINGUMMYBOBS // 96 x 1'20'' - 2017 - 2020

In this collection, performers share anecdotes we’ve never heard before through their favourite objects. Whether ordinary or unusual, mundane or precious, this object tells us something unique and previously unknown about the artist.

Olivia Ruiz / Zahia Ziouani / Michel Polnareff / Alain Souchon / Barbara / Catherine Deneuve / Barbara Carlotti / Pierre boulez / Remy Julienne / Pierre Richard / Aurélie Dupont / Pierre Desproges / Sylvie Guillem / Jen-Pierre Leaud / Annie...

Adult animation
IT’S ALL TRUE (OR NEARLY) // 175 x 2-3’ - 2017 - 2013

The series that recounts the lives of great figures using small objects!
Less than 3 minutes in which to trace the lives of major personalities. But instead of going over the same old ground, why not take a few detours and embark on an altogether more offbeat route? However, as the title of the series states, everything is (truly) true!

Steven Spielberg, James Dean, Vladimir Poutine, Madonna, Steve Jobs, Gérard Depardieu, Elvis Presley, Beyonce, James Ellroy, Brad Pitt,...

Adult animation
TAPE // 41 x 3' - 2016 - 2018

TAPE rewinds the history of music: this collection of short programmes humorously dissects and analyses events that made the news during well known recording artists’ careers.

Chilly Gonzales / Etienne Daho / Peaches / David Bowie / Ride / The libertines / Carl Craig / Prince / John Cale / Soundsystem / LCD / PJ_Harvey / Black Sababth / Iggy Pop / Laurent Garnier / Radiohead / Yann Tiersen / Pixies / Françoise Hardy / Metallica / Air / Keith Richards / Georges Michael / Rage...

Adult animation
FLAG! // 52 x 1' - 2012

This educational animation series gives us an insight into the origins of flags: their colours, their histories and their secrets. A cultural voyage through the symbols of nations all around the world.

Season 1 :
Portugal, Malta, Liechtenstein, Iceland, France, Albania, Croatia, Cyprus, Switzerland, Greece, Ireland, Macédonia, San Marino, The Vatican, Monaco, Denmark, Lituania, Belorussia, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic,...

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