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Short programmes
COUNTRIES AND MARKETS OF THE WORLD // 130 x 6'30'' - 2020 - 2014

A magazine programme that reveals a country’s top tourist attractions in 6 minutes flat!
In the company of reporter and cameraman Xavier Petit, we discover a country, a city, its people and, of course, a traditional market and a local specialty.
A real invitation to travel, Countries and Markets of the World transports you to the four corners of the earth. Bon Voyage!

Non-hosted version of the series is also available (5’ episodes)


FAST & GOOD // 7 x 5'30'' - 2018 - 2017

The wind of freedom is blowing through gastronomy: chefs around the world are abandoning their Michelin starred restaurants in order to restore the good name of a cuisine long eschewed by gourmets: street food. Fast & Good paints a portrait of this accessible and fun food, which promotes simplicity, freshness and authenticity.

Ep 1 : The fast-food revolution
Ep 2 : The street food becomes gourmet
Ep 3 : Liberty food
Ep 4 : Creativity and invention
Ep 5...

EXTREME SHORTS // 573 x 5' - 2018 - 2011

From fashion to video games or music, this series approaches all the trends in the extreme sport’s world. Light painting, street surfing, graff, dance, paragliding freestyle and unusual disciplines, this is a series of portraits of the most emblematic artists and athletes of Street Culture and extreme sports..

CULTURE : 108 x 4’
TRENDS : 108 x 4’
PORTRAITS : 157 x 5’
MUSIC : 87 x 5’


This collection is dedicated to the world’s most innovative and outstanding social, societal and green entrepreneurs : They create with a conscience, care for mind and body, preserve the environment and take action to help others ! These ordinary people, met on the 5 continents, relate their extraordinary stories and inventions with passion and conviction !

IN SLOW MO // 28 x 1’30’’ - 2016

In this artistic and instructive sequence, a champion in his or her category (rollerblading, skateboarding, surfing, motocross, kite surfing, BMX, longboard...) is filmed performing one of his favourite manoeuvres with high-speed cameras and analyses various stages of his performance.

- Maxime Charveron: The truck driver (BMX street riding in Paris)
- Diaby Diako: The barani (rollerskating in Paris)
- Robin Bolian: The backside disaster (rollerskating in Paris)

THYLACINE : TRANSSIBERIAN // 10 x 5' (web serie) - 2015

9288 kilometers, 105 train stations, 13 days, 1 album. The French composer Thylacine decided to challenge himself : to find the inspiration and achieve a complete album for the time of a trip from Moscow to Vladivostok on the legendary rails of the Transsiberian Red Arrow.
For Thylacine, it’s an experience of a new kind, to conceive a work inspired from his trip, the people he meets, Russian landscapes, the unexpected, the atmosphere of the East…
At the crossroads of the Ouralian...

GARDENS OF THE WORLD // 112 x 6' - 2013 - 2009

This collection of short programmes immerses us in the poetical world of gardens. Classical, astonishing, near-to-hand or on the other side of the world, these little corners of paradise are positively bursting with grace and charm.

REFLECTIONS // 21 x 1’ - 2013

In an intimate cadre, numerous stars, actresses, actors, French and European directors from all generations, confide in exclusivity to the collection Reflections : What are your first recollections of cinema? Where is your inspiration coming from? To whom is the cinema dedicated? Can cinema change the world?… Let’s discover in this original short programs collection, all these prestigious personalities from the seventh art.
Jean DUJARDIN, Bérénice BÉJO, Sophie MARCEAU, Christophe...

THE TAKE AWAY CHEFS // 8 x 5' - 2012

Taken out of their kitchens, deprived of their utensils, plunged into another context, 8 top international chefs give free reign to their invention using everyday ingredients and tools.

- Marc Veyrat et Yoann Conte (La maison de Marc Veyrat in Annecy)
- Emmanuel Renaut (Flocons de sel in Megêve)
- Ben Shewry (Attica in Melbourne)
- Christian Puglisi (Relae in Copenhague)
- Blaine Wetzel (Willow Inn in Lummi Island)
- Bertrand Grebaut (Septime...

MYLIFESTYLE // 180 X 6' - 2012

MyLifeStyle is a series of reports on food, shopping and the home: New trends, recipes, tips and investigations into food, decor, beauty and leisure… sixty super-smart topics on the theme of Lifestyle.

Cromesquis, the new stars of French cooking/ You’ll be amazed by “Petits Suisse”/ Tuck in to liver! / Raclette machines, smoothing irons, planchas: they use them to cook everything / The marine delicatessen / The best chocolate cakes in Europe / Granny’s furniture makes a...


“Proverbs from around the world” is a series of short one minute clips.
Each episode portrays a man, woman or child in their country, as they recite a proverb from their culture and comment on its meaning.
An immersive journey around the world, its usages and cultures, original and intimate through which we discover the most human part of each country: its wisdom.

INVENTAIRE // 61 x 2'30'' - 2010 - 2011

An animal inventory.
Large enough to find out a representation of our world.
A programme with beautiful images and numbers to discover in a glimpse the essential information that make these animals beings apart.

2 minutes 30 seconds to discover in images and numbers 1 animal and its particularities.
5 numbers about its everyday life, the 6th like an alarm signal.
A voice over version is available to have more information.

Saison 1...

FOOD ARTISANS & CHEFS // 6x10' - 2010

Six of the greatest French Michelin-starred chefs pay homage to their local food producers and reveal the secrets of their cuisine. In this journey to the six corners of France, each chef shows us his region, its most beautiful sights and the women and men (fishermen, breeders, market gardeners, cheese makers, bakers…) who provide him with outstanding produce.
With French cuisine recently added to the Intangible World Heritage list, this film pays homage to the people who are helping to...

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