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Short programmes
THE TAKE AWAY SHOWS // 920 x 3’ to 10’ - 2018-2006

Created in April 2006 by Chryde with the help of the director Vincent Moon, THE TAKE AWAY SHOWS invites artists to play acoustic gigs in impromptu locations in an urban setting.
Shot in one take with ambient sound they allow us to hear the music in a different way, to see the artist in a unique and authentic context, and to document the relationship between cities and music.
Shot in Paris, London, New York and Austin, there are more than 600 TAKE AWAY SHOWS available, including...

JAZZED OUT : ONE CITY, ONE JAZZ // 7x85' and 80x 6 to 10’ - 2011-2012

The black and white photograph of a jazz pianist smoking his cigarette stays still.
KIDAM and MEZZO are working together to create and broadcast improvise live sessions, that push conventional jazz aside.
Sketching a scene at the very top of modernity, we are looking for a music without any limits in the biggest cities of the World. Between its traditions, but Hip hop, rock, and electro influences as well, soaking up either trends and new technologies, we capture a snap of today’s...

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