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ABBé PIERRE, REBELLIOUS DEVOTION // 52' - 2020 - in Production

This documentary puts elements of the news into perspective with the words and achievements of Abbé Pierre: the different facets of his character, his activities in France and many other countries (Emmaus International) and contemporary reflections of his actions in street art, in song, in solidarity and in militant movements.
Born in 1912, Henry Grouès understood from an early age that his fundamental struggle, humanist rather than religious, would be more effective and sustainable if...

WORDS OF THE CITY // 70' - 2019

Mamadou Ba is a public letter-writer. Twice a week, he offers his services in a house in Montreuil, a suburb of Paris. There we meet a father who wants better housing, a dismissed worker, an undocumented man, a request for naturalisation, etc. The list is long. Over the course of these exchanges, a portrait of Mamadou gradually emerges through his work, which he sees as a mission: to help his immigrant brothers and sisters with their administrative tasks.


What are the alternative ways to give birth in France, Today ? Birth houses, home or maternity : Three couples show us the way to more natural births. From the last pregnancy months to the days following birth, we’ll discover their stories, motivations, and the tools at their disposal to face a trivialized over-medication.

Another way to bring life to the world : After the birth of their first child, couples dream to be the main actors of their childbirth. With each of their...

KILLING THE SILENCE // 52' & 66' - 2019

Killing the Silence is story of liberation and shows the importance of speech in post-traumatic stress disorder.
Returning from the front with physical and psychological wounds, soldiers who served in the three armies after 1990 tell their stories. After a trauma, one of the immediate refuges is silence, with the risk of becoming shut up inside it and losing oneself. However, speaking about these wounds is a key element in the reconstruction and resilience process.
Killing the...


This collection is dedicated to the world’s most innovative and outstanding social, societal and green entrepreneurs : They create with a conscience, care for mind and body, preserve the environment and take action to help others ! These ordinary people, met on the 5 continents, relate their extraordinary stories and inventions with passion and conviction !


Eric, an erudite and spiritual editor from Bordeaux, takes us on a journey to discover the cep mushroom. He introduces us to Jacques Guiberteau from INRA, Europe’s top agricultural research institute, responsible for some highly unlikely attempts at its domestication; meets mushroom pickers from the Basque Country and Creuse to reveal the social and economic implications of this autumnal treasure; visits the Villefranche cep market in the Dordogne and the Italian forests in which ceps are worth...


Cap-Ferret: a piece of land at the end of the world, a peninsula 25 km long, only accessible by one road.
And in the middle, "Chez Hortense": an eternal, un-missable, timeless restaurant.
From the hustle and bustle of summer to the deserted, savage winter, a poetic human journey that takes a fresh look at this popular destination.
With the participation of Matthieu Chedid, Pascal Obispo and Guillaume Canet.


How did a small box from the United States start an unprecedented household revolution and play an unexpected role in the emancipation of women from Orlando, Florida to Tours, France?

Going beyond the product itself, the story of Tupperware is, without doubt, also that of feminism!
75 years after its invention, this is the heart-warming tale of the innovative plastic box that became a totem for the modern, active, emancipated woman.
A look back at a nutritional and...


Caught between the Israeli occupation and the threat of radical Islamism, the Christians of Palestine are being driven into exile and their number is inexorably declining, even though their presence in the Holy Land goes back 2000 years. Faced with the apparent indifference of the West who has abandoned them to their fate, today they are left helpless and in every sense of the word, against the Wall.

There have been many reports, documentary and fiction films about Palestine with...


Camera, tracking, data, homeland security, NSA… Can we really get over the technological control? How to become invisible in 2016 ?
Listened, watched, tracked, Alexandra Ranz travels the world searching for new techniques to get rid of private life intrusion, to erase her personal data from the internet and get a total freedom again.This documentary gives you the keys of internet surveillance...

60 DAYS OF SHARING ECONOMY // 70' - 2016

Could you live only by using new social economy methods?
Eugenie, a young actress, decided to accept this challenge : to live exclusively thanks to sharing economy.
For three months, with no income, just her possessions and abilities, she will have to work, think, eat, move, live through sharing economy.
This immersion is an opportunity to meet the influencers and key persons who make the new world of the social economy. Between exchanging and sharing, hipsters and...


Top-level sportsmen Sebastian, Rodriguez, Richard, Lionel and Pascal are different from other athletes: they suffer from mental disabilities, some obvious, others not. They all have one thing in common: they are proud to wear the colours of the French team and to play adaptive sports, reserved for the intellectually impaired.

Their goal: to qualify for the Rio Paralympics in 2016 and win a medal for France.

This documentary follows the preparations and quest for...


Family company 'Vita', implanted in the suburbs of Lyon, is specialized in cleaning up places where were found dead bodies, filthy apartments and other pests. Christophe Mercier, head manager, decided a few years ago to develop a specific human remains cleaning protocol. His team faces sickening mells, human rubbishes and lives with death. A documentary about dealing with death in the Western culture.

CITIZENS’ CURRENCY // 52' - 2015

Creating money isn’t a privilege purely reserved to state banks.
Since 2010, local currencies have been launched all over France. Issued by the citizens themselves, their role is to restore, on their territory, the humanity and meaning that conventional money no longer has in their eyes, while re-establishing social ties, promoting regional cultures, boosting the economy and local and sustainable development.

This documentary deciphers a growing phenomenon, meeting the...

A CRAZY HOPE // 52' - 2015

This crazy dream belongs to a man who almost lost his mind, and who, having recovered from his own illness, has devoted himself to helping the poorest of Africa’s sick: the insane.

In the big cities of Africa, the mentally ill can be seen wandering the streets, yelling and shouting, often completely naked and feeding here and there on waste. In the countryside, their helpless families respond by chaining them to trees, so that they cannot leave, hurt anyone or disappear.

THE CHOIR'S LADIES // 52' - 2014

“The Choir's ladies” is a documentary movie about a choir of third age ladies in Maisons-Alfort, a small town near Paris. Once a week, Lucette, Marie-Françoise, Liliane, Suzanne and the other ones meet up to sing around a piano at “Les Juilliottes’Choir”.
Through these four main characters we discover that beyond the mothers, grandmothers, widow, healthy or ill bodies, they are women, with very different personalities.
The choir sessions are very recreational while we discover,...


Since the “Manif Pour Tous” against the opening of marriage to same sex couples, a new militant wind is blowing amongst Catholics.
France, the country of secularism, has often mistreated them. But now, with Taubira’s “marriage for everyone” bill, they are waking up and revealing themselves.
They are between 20 and 27 years old. They are polite, well dressed and in higher education. Uninhibited and sharing none of their parents’ reserve, they have decided to affirm their faith and...

THE DECENTERED // 52' - 2014

Welcome to right next door, on the outskirts of every city in France! Welcome to the business park!
Thousands of people work every day in these apparently purposeless, discredited places that we pass by without stopping.
Malika, Yoann, Nathalie, Steven…
This documentary invites us to stop and observe, through immersive tableaux and chance encounters, this world that is also ours, and which simply reflects our society.

KANAK! // 52' - 2013

In the style of an animist road-movie, Kanak, set in New Caledonia, follows in the footsteps of Edou to discover the Kanak culture and its tragic history in this magnificent country.

Edou is a famous musician who is also the manager of a Cultural Center (a place of great significance for the Kanak culture) in Hienghène that was created by Jean Marie Tjibaou. We will watch this colorful character mix cultural tradition with modern reality as he reconciles his status as an artist...


After the 19th century suffragists and the MLF of the 1970s, a new generation of feminists has taken over. Their names are Osez le Féminisme, La Barbe, Les Rézoteuses, Voix d’elles rebelles...
It’s these new activists that the documentary is investigating. Historians (Christine Bard, Florence Rochefort, Muriel Salle) and celebrities (Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Erra Mercedes, Eva Darlan, Olivia Chaumont, Thérèse Clerc) recount and analyze the past and present of feminism in counterpoint to...


Some stories begin well, but this one begins with a kidnapping: the abduction of Guillaume from a care home for paralysed people in France. Guillaume was born with a motor disability. In 2013 he’ll be 50. To celebrate his birthday, his sister Dorothée has decided to kidnap him in order to give him a wonderful surprise.
Accompanied by Dorothée, his other sister Charlotte and his mother Denise, Guillaume is taking to the road in a van for a long, beautiful trip to an unknown destination; a...

MY BRALESS LIFE // 90' - 2013

Having read an article on the damaging effects of bras, Virginie decided to leave this vital part of her life in her underwear drawer! The result was an adventure richer in action, encounters and comical situations than she could ever have imagined!
90 minutes in which the viewer follows Virginie and shares her enthusiasm for discovering what wearing a bra is really about. Through interviews with a doctor, sculptor, feminist and sportswoman, the braless director hopes to find an answer...


For millennia, men and women have served as healers, sages, sorcerers, and seers throughout the world.

Shamanism is one of the most ancient medicines, as well as one of the first methods that humans developed to contact the Sacred!

Is it possible to heal without the help of modern medicine? To recover from the physical and psychological blockages that weigh heavy in our lives?

While Western medicine is based on the teachings and sufferings of the...

WE TOLD OURSELVES... 30 YEARS AGO // 52' - 2012

Six friends, aged between 14 and 16, who we meet for the first time in this previously unseen film from 1981 as they raise hell in their run down housing estate in Saint-Laurent du Var in the Alpes Maritimes. Their lives are hard, but their heads are full of dreams.
Where are they 30 years later? How has the area changed? What’s become of their dreams? This documentary takes us on a trip to the heart of the troubled suburb in which Patricia, Luc, Jean-Louis and Mounir grew up.

THE JUDGE’S CHILDREN // 52' - 2012

Catherine de la Hougue is an atypical rural judge with a particular interest in prevention. The juvenile court in Coutances, Normandy, opens its doors to us as we focus on three cases in which children are either at risk or charged of misdemeanours. What will the judge decide? What will become of those involved? Two young people brought before Catherine de la Hougue share their stories.
A glimpse into the world of juvenile justice in the company of the men and women who step in to give...

VERTIGO // 52' - 2012

Vertiges is the story of a young man who refuses to be knocked off course, whatever obstacles are placed in his way. Christophe is 25 years old and should be dead. He suffers from a rare genetic disease, Fanconi’s anaemia, which dramatically reduces the life expectancy of its victims. But Christophe has no respect for time. Indeed, he thumbs his nose at it!
And if Christophe can’t move mountains, he climbs them instead!
Dubbed the “creature of the cliff face” by his fellow...


Alone in front of the camera, women of all ages… open their handbags and their hearts to us! Confronted with themselves in an uncluttered space, this “off-loading” soon passes from the literal to the figurative.
“It’s not polite to look through a woman’s handbag”… Apart from house keys and money, their contents can include a startlingly eclectic selection of objects, including diaries, notebooks filled with confidential jottings, and apparently useless but nonetheless valued...

EVERYONE’S A COACH! // 52' - 2012

Tell me who your coach is and I’ll tell you who you are. Go onto the Internet and, in one click, our every desire can be satisfied. And when it comes to the marketing strategies employed to draw us in, imagination knows no bounds. Whether we’re looking for a one-off answer to a problem or a long-term programme, we’ve become avid consumers of coaching. But at what price? Although on paper everything looks rosy, promising, and oh so soothing, the bill can be surprisingly steep…

ADAPTED // 52' - 2012

A basketball court, athletes, trainers…
A team… but not just any team. The team that the film intends to follow over a period of six months is a very special one indeed. You wouldn’t know it at first glance, but Othemane, Grégory, Badou, Lionel and the others are mentally handicapped. All members of the French Federation of Adapted Sports, they are training together for the Global Games.
As the sporting and team adventure unfolds, the documentary questions the very identity of...

MAORI // 524 - 2011

Maori is an immersion in the contemporary Maori society of New Zealand, to meet those who contribute every day to its cultural vibrancy.


FOR BETTER… FOR WORSE! // 52' - 2011

“For better…for worse!” provides us with an X-ray, in the form of an appraisal, of French society and its attitude towards gay marriage and same-sex parenting. A subject that, during this presidential election year, continues to spark lively public debate!

“For better…for worse!” stems from the 16 films made by Thierry Benamari and Antoine Capliez within the framework of the documentary series “My pink city”, produced by Kanari Films and aired on Pink TV.


En-Jung a 29 year-old South Korean, is taking her PhD in French at a prestigious university in Seoul. On the surface, her life is similar to that of a student in Paris, London or New York: studies, cafés, shopping, pop music, online chatting, etc. But although Seoul is one of the most modern capitals in the world, its social rules are amongst the most rigid, built on conservative Confucian morals that have barely changed for the last 400 years.

En-Jung has a boyfriend. It’s a...


In a campsite by the sea, in a village hall, in the local shopping mall, the crowds flock to see Johnny Rock, the double of Johnny Hallyday.

Because he’s like them, because he understands them, because he’s accessible, because he is, quite simply, a worker like them, Denis Le Men, alias Johnny Rock, is a star amongst the working class.

For the last 25 years, this blue-collar Johnny Hallyday, has been travelling the roads of France, to give his audience, those who...

BE A SUPERHERO... FOR REAL ! // 52' - 2011

In the US some people have decided to rise to the preposterous challenge of achieving fulfilment by becoming a new kind of real superhero, taking action which while not saving the world, helps to improve their immediate environment. Rallying together in groups and associations, some of which have received State recognition and tax exemption, these people have decided to work for the cause of good and for justice. Their look, name and sometimes even their speech may raise a smile, but they...


The aim of “Undiscovered Pigalle” is to question our prejudices, to break down the barriers of our assumptions, to scratch the surface…
Pigalle, its inhabitants, its regulars, its tourists, its lights… its joys and sorrows.
The aim of this film is to always go that bit further, to go behind the scenes. Not content to stop at what I’m shown in Pigalle, it is curious, sometimes cheeky…
I love the things that people don’t usually look at. This documentary allows the viewer to...

THE FIRST TIME // 52' - 2011

Losing or giving your virginity - like the glass that’s half full or half empty, it’s all in the point of view.
While specialists agree that your first sexual experience is impossible to forget, whether it went “well” or “badly”, sex seems to have become commonplace in our society.
But maybe not as much as we imagine.
At least, that’s the message being given by the many couples who prefer to wait before giving themselves to each other or even living together for the first...

MY PINK CITY // 16x26' - 2010-2011

My Pink City is a documentary series that makes the small provincial towns come out of the closet.
This is an invitation to a journey on the French roads, to meet men and women, witnesses or actors in the French gay life, in any sexual orientation.

10 episodes, 10 provincial towns. Sometimes as a naïve visitor, sometimes as an experienced guide, Thierry Benamari will meet those who live homosexuality in their every day life, far from the Parisian model. He will bring us to...


Internet, a tool for communication and exchange… which can come back into our lives like a boomerang! Irrespective of age, more and more Internet users are playing at, “Do you want to be my friend?” and “My friends friends are my friends”. Illustrated with photos and personal stories, our lives, loves and states of mind are posted and written down for everyone to see… forever. Employers and headhunters have been quick to see the benefit in collecting as much personal information as possible in...

ALL GIRLS TOGETHER // 52' - 2010

My name is Jeanne. I’m 32. I’m a journalist.
When I was little I thought I’d be a daddy.
Today I’m Mummy 2.
What does that mean? It’s simple: I had a baby with a woman.
What does it mean to be a lesbian today?
I don’t think there’s one precise answer to that.
What I can say, on the other hand, is that it changed my life.
I had to overcome a great many obstacles. But I had a lot of support. Not everyone’s that lucky.


Our teenagers have a new dangerous code that put them into danger : they like to adopt a risky behavior full of excess to valorize themselves, especially in sexuality.
Their sexuality is expressed often through the new technologies prism, internet and mobile phones, out of their parents’ control.
Who are the ones who cross the line of a transgressed sexuality in a context of over media coverage of the body image ?
What are the consequences on their relation to the others,...

AN ACTRESS’S EYE: MIREILLE DARC // 61’, 52’, 28’ - 2009 - 2005

Famous actresses go behind the camera and direct one or several documentaries: they turn their eye on topics close to their hearts and express their feelings on the subject…

UNE VIE CLASSEE X (61’) – 2005 (An X-rated Life)
The well-known and highly respected actress Mireille Darc meets nine X-rated movie actresses, in order to find out why, at such a young age, they’ve taken the risk of entering a world that’s not only rather special, but difficult to get out of....

ARENA MEXICO // 52' - 2009

Portraits of informal workers in Mexico City. They comme and use ingenious ways and fantasy to sell their wares or services. We follow his day to day life, as if they entered a big arena of Lucha Libre, ready for combat. Their strategies to survive, their unique way of entering the scene and their daily struggle to gain a spot in public scene are revealed like a tragicomedy. They are the lively and continuous image of this peculiar economic and social system.

NOW THAT I'M FREE // 52' - 2009

Get out of jail and be free at last !
A relief yes, but most of all a distress.
Around Nantes, in order to prepare their reinsertion, prisoners near the end of their sentence are welcome by families during their out of jail permissions. Families like others, who took the decision to open their door to prisoners. A unique initiative in France launched and coordinated by the association “l’Etape”.
Here are the stories of Bernard, Michel and Albert, about their...

ANGEL // 52' - 2009

Angel, 36 year old Ecuadorian transvestite who prostitutes himself in Paris, after living five years in France finally obtained his residence permit. For the Christmas holidays, he can go back home in Ecuador to see his family.
The film presents this two months trip: a deep immersion in a complex universe hardly accessible.
Showing us the dynamic of immigrants sending money to their family, ANGEL is a movie about the pressure of homophobia in Latin America. Taking place in a poor...


The practice of the ancestral art of tattooing had virtually disappeared in the French Polynesia following the prohibition of all forms of pagan culture and beliefs by the missionaries. For the past 20 years or so tattoos are enjoying a comeback thanks to the efforts by Tavana Salmon who is determined to keep alive the memory of this particular facet of the Polynesian culture. With tattoos enjoying considerable popularity today one can ask why the new generation takes such an interest in this...

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