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Food & Lifestyle
FAST & GOOD // 7 x 5'30'' - 2018 - 2017

The wind of freedom is blowing through gastronomy: chefs around the world are abandoning their Michelin starred restaurants in order to restore the good name of a cuisine long eschewed by gourmets: street food. Fast & Good paints a portrait of this accessible and fun food, which promotes simplicity, freshness and authenticity.

Ep 1 : The fast-food revolution
Ep 2 : The street food becomes gourmet
Ep 3 : Liberty food
Ep 4 : Creativity and invention
Ep 5...

Food & Lifestyle

According to the WHO, 75% of French people have used natural medicine at least once. Faced with the adverse effects of conventional medicines, the French are looking for other ways to heal themselves, and herbal medicine is gaining in popularity. These plants are found in all forms: teas, tinctures, essential oils, and very often in our pharmacies. Amongst those who have turned to alternative medicine, we follow some dedicated professionals who have chosen to treat themselves with plants.

Food & Lifestyle
A LIFE IN A BOX // 30' - 2015

Every year, more than 3 million French people move house. And each time, it's the same concern: putting one’s whole life in boxes, then entrusting them to the more or less gentle hands of movers or friends, then changing one’s environment, getting used to a new address, forming new habits... According to a recent study, moving house is the third greatest source of stress in France after bereavement and divorce! Whatever one’s age, the process is the same, full of doubts and excitement.

Food & Lifestyle

Over the last few years, Valensole, a small village in the Alpes de Haute Provence, has been experiencing a new phenomenon. Every summer, thousands of Chinese tourists visit the village, the lavender fields and the region’s chateaux, and delight in the local traditions. Although Paris is long accustomed to the admiration of Chinese visitors, here the locals, shopkeepers, restaurateurs are experiencing the excitement of these tourists from afar for the first time. This revolution in Provence is...

Food & Lifestyle
SPIRIT OF THE TIMES // 6 X 30' - 2015

From daily life to social phenomena, this series of magazine covers surprising or topical subjects from the latest gastronomic trends, the stress of moving, to the arrival of new kinds of tourists or herbal medicine…

THE CHINESE, WILD ABOUT PROVENCE (Réalisation : Julie Thierry)
Over the last few years, Valensole, a small village in the Alpes de Haute Provence, has been experiencing a new phenomenon. Every summer, thousands of Chinese tourists visit the village,...

Food & Lifestyle
THE FRUIT HUNTERS // 30' - 2015

Finger Lime, cherimoya, pacaye, sudachi ... Most of us have never heard of these fruits with their bewitching names. However, they arouse genuine passion within a small and enlightened circle of adventurers, greengrocers, detectives, chefs and authors. Some devote their lives to searching the jungle in search of rare species. Others are struggling to save an endangered heritage. These fruit hunters want only one thing: to create their Garden of Eden and quench their thirst for exotic novelties.

Food & Lifestyle

The time has come for butchers to take their revenge. Gone is the old-fashioned image of the artisan in his stained apron. Today, some of them are turning pork into a noble product, taking pride of place on the table at fancy dinners. Thanks to the success of locally made produce, the profession now honours its stars and is inspiring a new generation. We meet three enthusiasts who worship fine produce and have turned their skill into an art form.

Food & Lifestyle
LIKE A TASTE OF ITALY // 30' - 2015

Italians who love their country and its cuisine, they have decided to share its riches with the French. Marco, a chef, champions Italian desserts. Alessandra titillates the taste buds of gourmets with his “Made in Italy” tasting workshops. While Sara, Francesca and Savatore produce Mozzarella with cows’ milk.... from Normandy

Food & Lifestyle

Good chocolate is above all good cocoa beans. In South America, Africa and Asia, a handful of adventurous chocolate makers go on the hunt for unique tasting beans, perfumed with citrus, tangerine, lime and licorice ...
Stéphane Bonnat tries to find a new variety in Brazil... François Pralus has planted 18,000 cacao trees on the island of Nosy Be in Madagascar... Samuel and Vincent gave up everything to make cocoa and chocolate in Vietnam... we also meet Marie Repoux, chocolate taster,...

Food & Lifestyle
THE TAKE AWAY CHEFS // 8 x 5' - 2012

Taken out of their kitchens, deprived of their utensils, plunged into another context, 8 top international chefs give free reign to their invention using everyday ingredients and tools.

- Marc Veyrat et Yoann Conte (La maison de Marc Veyrat in Annecy)
- Emmanuel Renaut (Flocons de sel in Megêve)
- Ben Shewry (Attica in Melbourne)
- Christian Puglisi (Relae in Copenhague)
- Blaine Wetzel (Willow Inn in Lummi Island)
- Bertrand Grebaut (Septime...

Food & Lifestyle
MYLIFESTYLE // 180 X 6' - 2012

MyLifeStyle is a series of reports on food, shopping and the home: New trends, recipes, tips and investigations into food, decor, beauty and leisure… sixty super-smart topics on the theme of Lifestyle.

Cromesquis, the new stars of French cooking/ You’ll be amazed by “Petits Suisse”/ Tuck in to liver! / Raclette machines, smoothing irons, planchas: they use them to cook everything / The marine delicatessen / The best chocolate cakes in Europe / Granny’s furniture makes a...

Food & Lifestyle
FOOD ARTISANS AND CHEFS // 52' , 110' , 6x10' - 2010

The greatest French Michelin-starred chefs pay homage to their local food producers and reveal the secrets of their cuisine. In this journey to the five corners of France, each chef shows us his region, its most beautiful sights and the women and men (fishermen, breeders, market gardeners, cheese makers, bakers…) who provide him with outstanding produce. With French cuisine recently added to the Intangible World Heritage list, this film pays homage to the people who are helping to maintain its...

Food & Lifestyle
LA BARAQUE, SES FRITES // 50' - 2010

Visit any village, burg or town in Northern France, the Netherlands or Belgium and you’ll find a “baraque à frites” - a chip, or French fry shop.
We reveal a nonconformist, theatrical, warm and welcoming world through an eclectic panorama of these legendary establishments.
Chip shops are primarily about chips. But before you can have chips, you have to have potatoes.
In the Flanders region, we’ll hear from a historian, the guide from the “Frietmuseum” and “theoretician”...

Food & Lifestyle
SAVOURY PARIS // 52' - 2010

They are coming from the 5 continents. They share the same passion: cooking. They all have decided to move to Paris, the world capital of gastronomy. Their aim is not to learn how to cook in a French way but to represent their own cuisine, their homeland’s one. Beyond their talents of chef, they all have their own story that brought them to Paris some day, to work there, to share cooking techniques, to get inspired by the French cuisine known as the best one in the world. Polynesian gastronomy,...

Food & Lifestyle
THAT'S LIFE ! // 9 x 52' - 2009-2010

That’s life is a collection of life style documentaries : from the family life to the wellness sector, this series deals with the everyday life small problems to bigger situations :

- What do the sleep tell us
- To stay young whatever the price is
- Mom at 40
- How to live with a teenager?
-The spas’ development
- Retired people very active
- Divorce, what is next ?
- How to manage my stress
- Love : short or long term...

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