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Politics & Economics
60 DAYS OF SHARING ECONOMY // 70' - 2016

Could you live only by using new social economy methods?
Eugenie, a young actress, decided to accept this challenge : to live exclusively thanks to sharing economy.
For three months, with no income, just her possessions and abilities, she will have to work, think, eat, move, live through sharing economy.
This immersion is an opportunity to meet the influencers and key persons who make the new world of the social economy. Between exchanging and sharing, hipsters and...

Politics & Economics
WHATEVER THE COST // 23 X 26' - 2015 - 2013

This magazine series offers a fresh look at the economy, both at home and throughout the world. From the senior generation to "homemade" businesses via counterfeiting and the success of essential oils, these programmes take a close look at consumer habits, sociological phenomena and economic fallout.
Also available in a non-hosted version.

- Chin! Chin!
- It’s cooked next door
- Bharati: a Belgian-Indian wedding
- Palm oil: the truth!
- New...

Politics & Economics
REPORTERS // 8 X 26' - 2015

Each week, the "Reporters" team chooses a hot societal or news topic and examines it in a factual, clear and complete way in total immersion!
Immersion means living for a week with people who will share their joys, their sorrows and their daily lives. It’s a very different angle from which to discover some surprising life stories, unusual professions and unexpected environments.
- Breaking and entering
- Molenbeek: an investigation without means
- Life after a...

Politics & Economics
CITIZENS’ CURRENCY // 52' - 2015

Creating money isn’t a privilege purely reserved to state banks.
Since 2010, local currencies have been launched all over France. Issued by the citizens themselves, their role is to restore, on their territory, the humanity and meaning that conventional money no longer has in their eyes, while re-establishing social ties, promoting regional cultures, boosting the economy and local and sustainable development.

This documentary deciphers a growing phenomenon, meeting the...

Politics & Economics

Ordinary students or wealthy celebrities, today's revellers are more demanding and party organizers will go to any lengths to please them.
Theme parties, fancy dress or ultra-select... with an annual turnover of nearly 2.3 billion Euros, competition is fierce in the nocturnal world. Who is behind the most extravagant parties? How do the organizers attract customers? Is the party business really profitable? From the private clubs of Saint-Tropez to the nightclubs of Croatia, we infiltrate...

Politics & Economics
THE FAME BUSINESS // 80' - 2013

Access to exclusive nightclubs, prestigious invitations, gifts galore... fame brings many rewards. But gone are the days of actors and models; today’s celebrities are former reality TV candidates who have become "bankable". But they’re not the only beneficiaries of the system; princesses and sportsmen and women also want their piece of the pie...
So what do these starlets do to maintain their fame? How do they exploit it and make money? Who benefits from the celebrity business? From...

Politics & Economics

"Fifty Shades of Grey," a book that sold nearly 40 million copies, has changed the way society looks on sadomasochism.
This marginal practice is now becoming a trend. In addition, sex toys have left the dingy, backstreet shops to invade the chic boutiques and libertinism is no longer reserved for connoisseurs. From the sex toy factories in Germany to the Parisian strip clubs, an investigation into a growing market.

Politics & Economics

The wellness industry is exploding and there are now nearly 2,000 spas in France, compared to just forty ten years ago. Professionals now offer a wide range of services, from luxury spas to naturist therapies. But the market also has its aberrations, ranging from painful massage techniques to sectarianism and even disguised prostitution. An investigation.

Politics & Economics

At the beginning of 2012, Lakshmi Mittal, the owner of the world’s largest steelmaking company, announced the closure of the last two steel factories in the Fensch Valley in Lorraine, France. For the employees, this news came as a declaration of war. Aware of the media opportunity provided by the presidential elections, they demanded specific commitments from the French government. At the head of a handful of steelworkers, Edouard Martin, the good-looking, straight-talking, charismatic leader...

Politics & Economics

The Cidade de Deus, or City of God, has never had anything biblical about it apart from its name. The history of this favela in Rio de Janero has been marked by violence, poverty and drugs trafficking. In 2002, the eponymous film made it the best known favela in the world. But over the last 4 years, the City of God has been undergoing a minor revolution. With Rio hosting part of the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016, the local authorities are trying out a new public security...

Politics & Economics

In France, nearly 3 million people work for around the minimum wage. Add to them the families, students, unemployed and retired people who also live on 1000 Euros a month. How can you pay for food, housing and travel on such modest means? Everyone is looking for ways to spend as little as possible and to combat this state of precarity.

Politics & Economics

This summer, 85% of the French are planning to spend their holidays in France. It’s a godsend for those working in the tourist industry, who have just two months in which to make their annual income. But this influx of tourists can also attract unscrupulous salesmen… These days, the majority of tourists travelling abroad book their holidays on the Internet. The prices are attractive and a reservation can be made in just a few minutes. But to whom do they turn when things go wrong? How can they...

Politics & Economics
SUCCESS STORY // 30 x 26' - 2011

Success Story is a magazine programme devoted to business and brand successes, as well as the achievements of artistes and sporting personalities.The programme, recorded in a studio, is made up of reports produced for news magazine programmes on RTL TVI in Belgium and comprises 30 x 26 minute episodes.

Episodes :
Designer Labels for Celebrity Kids / Boeing / The Nivea Saga / The Michelin Star Wars / The Geox saga / Baby Business: The Invention of the Baby Buggy + Nouky /...

Politics & Economics

During those crisis periods, people are turning back to a blue chip : family. With an average of 2 children per woman, France is the European country the most fertile. And for 20 years a trend has appeared that gives a bigger and bigger place to newborn babies.
We are ready to economize on everything except what is for the babies’ welfare, and childcare protagonists understood it. Multiple produces and services feed the economical activity’s boom focused on childcare. Dietetic, personal...

Politics & Economics
THE PIONEERS // 90' - 2010

Firmly turning our backs on "unbridled capitalism", convinced that money does not bring happiness and that its fanatical pursuit is destroying both man and the Earth, we all dream of living in a better world. A world in which there’s a middle way, somewhere in between the New Age hippies raising goats in the mountains and the lawless, Godless businessmen. Over the last few years a new kind of business leader has emerged: women and men, who are often discreet, but who have initiated a small...

Politics & Economics
DETROIT WILD LIFE // 80' & 52' - 2010

Welcome to the city of Detroit, 'the Murder Capital of the USA', where the grass is growing over the parking lots and the houses are abandoned. Here, a new life is slowly beginning to take form and take over the deserted city. But even if the writing on the wall has a different and more apocalyptic meaning, there is no reason to panic. 'Detroit Wild City' looks with the wandering gaze and cool, philosophical distance of the outsider at the changes in urban landscapes in a historical moment when...

Politics & Economics
THAT'S LIFE ! // 5 x 52' - 2009-2010

That’s life is a collection of life style documentaries about the daily economical life. This series deals with the everyday life small problems to bigger situations :

- No crisis for my small company
- Bank loans : an assault course
- Inheritance, succession, a family business
- A “low cost” life
- Mauritius : behind the postcard

Politics & Economics

More and more, right or left sensibility’s obediences, open up to the outside to take position on the great society themes. Organized as a network, they have contacts in each political stage: parliament, Senate, economical and social Council, contacts with ministers, but also in province with mayors and General Councils representatives, to defend the Republic’s great values that they want to be the Messenger.

Politics & Economics

From olive oil of Provence made in Spain, Marseille soap which comes from Tunisia to Corsican sausage imported from Latin America: those are examples of regional products that are made abroad from now on. France’s soul in the collective imagination has been gradually delocalized. Importation of “regional” products is absolutely legal if the products are not protected with registered trademarks. To get those products in countries where working force is cheap allows making bigger mark-ups. The...

Politics & Economics
EXQUISITE CORPSE // 52' - 2009

Each year, around 520.000 persons die in France. 80% of these funerals are religiously celebrated whereas only 18% of people are practicing.
For sociologists and anthropologists our perception of death has deeply and socially evolved.
Anticipation in funeral organizations reserves more and more surprises. The widest possibilities to use the body or the ashes destroy traditional burial thoughts well anchored in our Christian societies.
To answer wonderings, hopes, desires or...

Politics & Economics
ORANGE, A WORK AS A CLOCK // 52' - 2008

1975, the new President of French Republic wants a telephone worthy of a rich country. In some years French communications are taking advance, adopting high technologies. We imagine then a fruitful future where France will be the world leader of telecommunications, with its digital cards, its optic fiber. 30 years later, has the great French dream for telecommunications come true? With mobile phone, internet, the world market of telecoms has exploded. France Telecom becomes Orange, 5th world...

Politics & Economics
SUCCESS SCHOOL // 26' - 2008

The exemplary story of a group of young people from disadvantaged areas and schools qualified as ZEPS (areas targeted for special help in education) as they join a class in a prestigious college to prepare them for the entrance to the Grandes Ecoles de commerce (the competitive-entrance, higher education business administration school). A human and political gamble falling within the scope of the equal opportunity law.

Politics & Economics

A return to the mysterious disappearance of a French journalist in african Ivory Coast and a counter-investigation of an affair that’s become a State secret between France and Ivory Coast government.

Politics & Economics

In the deep Brittany, in France, Montfort-sur-Meu is a very small and charming city. February 27th 2007, its 6000 inhabitants have been shocked by a reality they only knew through their TV screen during the news : people without Id’s brought back roughly to their countries.
At 4 o’clock in the morning, the police have arrested 27 Malians on their way to the factory where they work for 5 years, the Cooperi, 2nd abattoir in France.
This is a choc. The next days, anger is growing....

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