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Performing Arts
AINSI LA NUIT // In production - 2018

This forth opus Dance/Man/Animal broaches new territories : to dance with nocturnal animals calling out to our ancestral fears, reaching the border of the inconceivable, when the human being, deposed of his predator status, is down to a simple prey.
On stage are side-by-side different species of animals with a strong imaginary imprint, owls, wolf, vulture… and five artists coming from different body cultures, three dancers, two circus artists. Their paths are quiet eclectic, they were...


The famous sequence of Jerks of the Mass for the Present Time, choreographed by Maurice Béjart in 1967, is the starting point to this Remix created by Hervé Robbe and performed by the students of the National Contemporary Dance Center of Angers. Twisting the work of the Master, Herve Robbe gives a fresh boost to this now-classic piece, thanks to the energy and freshness of the students.


At 87, Pierre Henry, the pioneer of electronic music comes back to get a new lease on the famous "Mass for the present time" with students of the National Contemporary Dance Center of Angers.
Created in 1967 for the Avignon festival, "Mass for the present time" is composed of 9 sets; Psyche rock remains the most famous one performed by many artists and used in numerous commercials.


A meeting between two dance stars for a “mythological” creation. As in Antiquity, they confront each other, transform themselves into Goddesses or demonesses in order to change the destiny of mortals and spread power, joy and energy all around them. Are these two female dancers two sides of the same coin? Operating heat and cold, they represent chaos and harmony.

For Blanca Li, choreographer, film director, dancer, actress, and Maria Alexandrova, lead dancer of the Bolchoï...

WIEBO (BOWIE/DECOUFLÉ) // 88' - 2015

All the facets of this "man who fell to earth" are shining through an absolutely stunning and transgender show. It is as much a concert as it is a performance, an official ceremony as much as a clandestine cabaret, this great glam rock celebration runs through the work of Bowie in fifteen songs.

Philippe Decouflé has chosen the singular world of three singers to revisit Bowie’s myth aspects: folk with Sophie Hunger, post-punk rock with Jehnny Beth (Savages) and minimalist with...

LES INDES GALANTES // 168' - 2014

After the triumphal success in 1733 of Hippolyte et Aricie, his first great lyrical tragedy, Rameau composed Les Indes galantes, an opera-ballet on a great scale. A dazzling epic, exotically flavoured as was then the fashion, the partition reveals the scope of his exhilarating invention, of his sensuous and rythmical sense of bliss. The astute staging by Laura Scozzi supported by Christophe Rousset and his Talens Lyriques ensemble offers (following a manuscript kept in the Bibliothèque de...

SWAN // 58' - 2013

Created by the choreographer Luc Petton, SWAN is not just another twist on “Swan Lake” but an original dance bringing together five dancers and swans. The final work is a combination of set choreography and improvisation, the dancers continually observing and anticipating the birds’ movements, leading or reacting.
Luc Petton attributes his fascination with birds to his childhood on the Brittany seaside. “They convey the poetry of life, a certain insouciance,” he said. “For me the dancer...

THE RITE OF SPRING // 60' - 2012

Triple tribute to Igor Stravinsky in the form of a pirouette by Jean-Claude Gallotta: the choreographer has chosen to focus on the first version of the work, which he considers one of the best, being rough, unaffected, devoid of ornamental embellishment and directed and recorded by Igor Stravinsky himself.
A Rite of Spring blazing with passion preceded by two short pieces: Tumulte (in which the choreographer invites the dancers and the audience to hear the raw silence of the dance that...

DANCING WITH BIRDS // 54' - 2012

This performance, choreographed by Luc Petton, brings together four dancers and birds. Crows, starlings, parakeets, magpies and jay-birds carry us along with the dancers in an unbelievable ballet.
Between earth and sky, they burst forth and transport us on a magnificent yet fragile journey. Man becomes volatile, the bird assumes its rightful place in the choreography, and the birdsong blends harmoniously with the music.

Together, each paying the utmost respect to the...


Portrait of the French dancer and choreographer Marie-Claude Pietragalla.

Discipline, rigour, will and commitment are all adjectives that define the temperament of Marie-Claude Pietragalla, who was named principal dancer of the Ballet de l’Opera National Opera de Paris in 1990.
At 35, she decided to go it alone and, after succeeding Roland Petit at the National Ballet of Marseille, created her own company in 2004 with her husband, the dancer Julien Derouault. Since then...

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