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Performing Arts
Performing art

At 87, Pierre Henry, the pioneer of electronic music comes back to get a new lease on his work with students of the National Contemporary Dance Center of Angers.

- Continuo (53')
- Mass for the present time (13')
- Grand Remix (Hervé Robbe)

Performing art
LE LIVRE DE DINA // 105' - 2016

Play adapted from the novel by Herbjorg Wassmo.
Dina’s Book is set in the extreme north of Norway. Throughout her life, Dina, lonely and violent, seeks refuge in music, horses, men and numbers. Through her, we see Norwegian society with its rules, conventions and ghosts. Dina is played by the beautiful actress Malya Roman, accompanied by musicians, against background of video images.
In this romantic trilogy, Wassmo describes the story of a woman, a society, a country and nature....

Performing art
WIEBO (BOWIE/DECOUFLÉ) // 88' - 2015

All the facets of this "man who fell to earth" are shining through an absolutely stunning and transgender show. It is as much a concert as it is a performance, an official ceremony as much as a clandestine cabaret, this great glam rock celebration runs through the work of Bowie in fifteen songs.

Philippe Decouflé has chosen the singular world of three singers to revisit Bowie’s myth aspects: folk with Sophie Hunger, post-punk rock with Jehnny Beth (Savages) and minimalist with...

Performing art
A HELLISH HEAVEN // 85' - 2015

A comedy based on the meeting of two strong personalities in a highly original huis clos. Vendée Globe yachtsman Yann Kervinel is shipwrecked on a desert island where he is greeted by Colombine de St-Aignon, exiled there voluntarily. A lively encounter between two opinionated characters who are forced to co-exist in this somewhat hellish Garden of Eden!

Recorded during the Avignon Festival "off".

Performing art

After 130 years in heaven and a long campaign backed by several supporters, God and his followers grant Karl Marx a moment back on earth.
However, following a celestial bureaucratic blunder, Max finds himself not in Soho, London where he lived for many years, but in SoHo, New York!
Regardless of the location, the stubborn and militant communist launches into a passionate monologue.
Written by Howard Zinn / Directed & performed by Ivan Romeuf
Recorded during the...

Performing art

The Western comes to 17th century England in the form of a disjointed, modern and unexpected adaptation of a rarely performed Victor Hugo play.
London. Between the sumptuous Westminster Palace, freshly usurped from King Charles I by the regicide Cromwell, and the sinister Three Cranes Tavern, a group of conspirators hatch a plot. The conspiracy unites Royalists and Republicans against Cromwell, the Lord Protector of England: some resent him for executing Charles I. Others can’t admit...

Performing art
LA CLÔTURE DE L'AMOUR // 90' - 2014

Stan and Audrey split up. What was once beautiful and moving becomes ugly and tense, mean and petty.
The poet and choreographer Pascal Rambert creates a masterful vision of separation. A mental dance, Clôture de l’amour, performed in Moscow, Tokyo, New York, Germany, Italy and Zagreb, lit up the Avignon Festival in 2011.
Two artists, in a rehearsal room lit by strip lights, throw and receive words like missiles. Two bodies held in tension, with no mercy, no negotiation, Stan and...

Performing art
A HOUSE IN NORMANDY // 121' - 2013

Nine characters have come for a long weekend in an old house in Normandy. They’re here somewhat reluctantly, but all hope that, together, they can make something out of the place: a holiday home in which to meet up with friends, a fitness centre, a real estate investment ... However, one after the other, they give up their dreams to finally make a radical decision about the future of the house.

Performing art

Camille and Simon are holding a big and beautiful reception, complete with petit fours, an orchestra and confetti, to celebrate... their divorce! Their family and friends have all come to immortalize this great day.
Camille and Simon want to be a modern couple, ending their marriage with joy, good humour and never an angry word. But are champagne and music enough to ensure a successful divorce? Reproaches and resentment are never far away...
Recorded at the Comédie de l’Odéon in...

Performing art
20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA // 51' - 2013

Just when everyone thought he was dead, the famous natural history professor Pierre Aronnax, who had set off in search of a sea monster, finally returns. Invited by Napoleon III to an official reception in his honour, he gives his audience a spirited and passionate account of his long journey.
Carried away by his narrative, the truculent professor becomes impassioned, enthusiastically reliving his adventure and leading the audience into a poetic fantasy full of humour and surprising...

Performing art

Jean-Claude Dreyfus pays tribute to Raymond Devos. His little pied-à-terre in the imagination is the ideal bistro in which to discourse about everything and nothing, especially nothing. A few words from Devos, some that we return to with delectation, others that we’ve never heard before. Devos presents us with a feast of hidden treasures...

Performing art

In this highly prestigious equestrian show, the Cadre Noir of Saumur, accompanied by the Paris Instrumental Ensemble, present us with a display of French horsemanship at its very finest.
Composed of 15 “tableaux”, in which the quintessence of equestrian art is combined with the works of great composers (Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Bizet, Richard Strauss, Britten and Bartok), the film succeeds in creating an emotional whirlwind, culminating in the melodic inebriation of Astor Piazzola’s...

Performing art

An actor, director and scriptwriter, Francis Blanche also wrote numerous poems and more than 600 songs (for Edith Piaf and Charles Trenet amongst others) and was known not only for his prank phone calls and fake advertisements, but also his hugely successful soap operas in collaboration with Pierre Dac.
The diversity and depth of this unclassifiable artist is celebrated in a show alternating between songs, sketches, poems, puns and aphorisms.

A sleekly staged musical...

Performing art

This is an equestrian and musical show of the French Republican Guard, the cavalry regiment of the Republican Guard, the Choir of the French Army, The fanfare of the Republican Guard, the string quartet of the orchestra of the Republican Guard.
Program recorded at the Haras du Pin, in the musical Septembre festival of orne.
Musics : Albert Gossez, Marius Millot, Raoul Ponsen Francis Lordey, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Purcell, C. Franck, Giuseppe Verdi, Anton Weber, Luigi Ardit,...

Performing art
JOY OF MAN'S DESIRING // 95' - 2012

A show written and performed by Alexandre Astier.
“This class is open to everyone and no musical knowledge is required”. After Kaamelott, Alexandre Astier becomes Johann Sebastian Bach. At last, in 2012, the composer is giving a master class. But he might slip up. “Que ma joie demeure!”, a delightful and ramshackle homage to Bach, merrily lifts the lid on the composer’s music as one opens the bonnet of a car to understand its engine.

Alexandre Astier, born in 1974 in...

Performing art
FRANCOIS PIRETTE // 12 x 90’ + 156’ + 45 x 1’30 à 5’50 - 2004-2009

Belgian humorist, François Pirette began on the RTBF radio with phone hoaxes. He wrote his first stand up comedy show in 1992 : 58 ans en 2021. In 1994, he moved to France and joined the radio show “Rien à cirer” on France Inter with Laurent Ruquier. In 1996, he went back to Belgium and wrote his second stand up comedy show : J’ai très bien connu Chose. In 2004, he left RTBF and joined the private channel RTL-TVI, who proposed him his own TV show : the Pirette show, in which he realized...

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