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GOLDEN AGE OF THE CASTLE // 63' - 2018 - In production

For nearly five centuries, castles were at the heart of a society based on ties of vassalage, bringing together political, administrative, judicial and economic functions in addition to defending a territory.
This film traces the golden age of castles through the construction of the castle of Guédelon, 3D modeling and the meticulous reconstruction of the life of a seigniorial family in the twelfth or thirteenth century.

The castle is undoubtedly the emblematic monument of...

THE GREAT HISTORY OF CASTLES // 52' - 2018 - In production

Suffused with mystery and grandeur, castles testify to medieval civilization and enfold a complex reality.
Travelling from castle to castle, from the borders of Spain to the mountains of Switzerland, from the moorland of Scotland to the banks of the Dordogne, and thanks to 3D modeling, this film traces a thousand years of medieval military construction.

With the constant evolution of construction methods and siege techniques, a frantic race began to achieve optimal...

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