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    27 Perspectives 52'  - 2018  - La Belle Télé

    Maud Le Pladec turns Schubert's Unfinished Symphony into a ghost score.
    For this new creation, the choreographer gives the music another status to take a “new look” at her dance by developing a kind of choreographic meditation around the number 27, in reference to the artist Rémy Zaugg and his work “27 Perceptive Sketches”.
    Dance, music and text have always been closely linked for Maud Le Pladec.
    In the company of composer Pete Harden, she delves into another artistic monument, Schubert's Unfinished Symphony, to extract a series of subjective and fragmentary reinterpretations.

    "Do I see what I hear or do I hear what I see? In other words, how can we watch music and listen to dance?” asks Maud Le Pladec.

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    version Music & effect support HD producer La Belle Télé director Louise Narboni