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    6.30 PM 22 x 5'  - 2020  - La Blogothèque

    At 6.30 every evening, Eric and Mélissa leave the office in which they both work and walk together to the bus stop.

    Five minutes a day, squeezed in between their work and home lives, in which they share their various concerns: Mélissa, 31, questions her relationship and her professional desires and Eric, disillusioned with everything and in the midst of a midlife crisis, reflects on the paths he has taken and his dwindling possibilities.

    6.30 in the evening: the time for decisions?

    Shot in continuous takes, the series, which is a cross between a romantic comedy and a drama, follows the meanderings of this endearing pair.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French support HD producer La Blogothèque director Maxime Chamoux & Sylvain Gouverneur author Maxime Chamoux & Sylvain Gouverneur