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    8th International Bayeux Circus Festival 117'  - 2019  - CLC Productions

    All the magic of the circus with performances by artists from all over the world:

    Trampo Wall: Trampoline - Australia
    Louis Knie: Horses - Switzerland
    Elvis Erani: Elephants - Italy
    Dust in the Wind: Acrobalance - Cuba
    Mystery of Gentlemen: Hand voltige on balls - Mongolia
    Totti Family: Clowns - Germany
    Flying Aces: Flying trapeze - Australia
    Sampion and Natalia Bouglione: Aerial straps - France
    Ty Tojo: Juggler - USA

    Michel Palmer: Ringmaster
    David Fackeure: Conductor of the Festival Orchestra

    At the circus, everything takes place in a circle with a circumference of 41 meters, corresponding to fourteen horse gallops, and measuring 13 meters in diameter, a distance defined by the length of a chambrière, a long whip that allows the horseman or woman standing in the centre to direct the horses and adjust their pace.
    The circular ring is a metaphor for the family circle and, more generally, the community. The round big top revolves around a central axis, creating a closed space in which the show takes place. Four openings in the tent mark the four cardinal points.
    Before leaving for a new city, circuses leave a ring of sawdust on the ground as witness to their dazzling and fleeting passage through the land of men.

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