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    AINSI LA NUIT 62'  - 2018  - CLC Productions

    This forth opus Dance/Man/Animal broaches new territories : to dance with nocturnal animals calling out to our ancestral fears, reaching the border of the inconceivable, when the human being, deposed of his predator status, is down to a simple prey.
    On stage are side-by-side different species of animals with a strong imaginary imprint, owls, wolf, vulture… and five artists coming from different body cultures, three dancers, two circus artists. Their paths are quiet eclectic, they were trained in France, Italy, Puerto Rico, China, Norway…

    This creation confronts the body to different states : when it is scared (jumping up in fear, fleeing out of panic,, being seized, frozen..) then when it overcomes his fears (confronting, surmounting, understanding, estimating ) and finally when it is going to the light (becoming calm, freeing itself). Following a subliminal central theme, we are guided in this adventure by the hand of Dante Alighieri (ali-gero means wing carrier) in his Divine Comedy.
    Three big scansions punctuate this creation :
    - Hell the body is cursed by its weight, it stumbles, it falls, it contorts itself.
    - Purgatory, it will be lighter, we see it sweating, bearing its shadow, sensual, the blood racing through its veins.
    - Heaven, it will become docile and so transparent to the will that it willl know how to fly among the spheres.
    The set, although refined, suggests these three stages: hidden trapeze allowing the fall from the ribs, elastic string changing the weight relation and bars offering a support for the hanging flight, weightless.
    What if Heaven was a contemporary stake ?

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    version NULL support HD producer CLC Productions director Laurent Preyale