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    Amours Solitaires 23 x 2'30  - 2019  - Milgram

    This web-series tells a love story entirely through the lovers smartphones.
    It is a new kind of series in which we share, day after day, the texted love conversation of Maud and Simon, the two characters.
    In each episode we see at the same time the text of the message and the video showing where and how it is written: we read what the characters write but see and hear what they do and say while texting.
    Each episode is a mini-story featuring an aspect of love or a behavior induced by the social media: sending the first texto, picking the right emoji, fighting with the corrector, mastering the time zone, texting when drunk, receiving a sexto, establishing, ruling, breaking the couple…
    Those are not fake messages. They were sent or received by the Amours Solitaires account Instagram @Amours_solitaires and edited in Amours Solitaires the book, edited by Albin Michel in France.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French support HD producer Milgram director Xavier Reim