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    An Equine Career 15 x 26’  - 2014-2013  - Peignoir Prod

    How can you turn a love of horses into a full time career?
    This collection examines the everyday lives of professionals working in the horse industry who all have one thing in common: they’ve turned their passion into a vocation.
    From success to failure, from dream to reality, this series takes a candid look at a variety of equestrian trades and helps us to understand their role in a world full of surprises. Each episode follows a typical day in the life of a person working in the industry, who shares their thoughts, feelings and advice on their chosen career.

    - Groom
    - Saddler
    - Equestrian Artist
    - Horse Guard
    - Riding Instructor
    - Equestrian tour guide
    - Farrier
    - Veterinarian
    - Jockey
    - Driver

    - veterinary assistant
    - horse breeder
    - professional horserider
    - coach driver
    - lad-driver

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    version French & International support HD producer Peignoir Prod director Aleksandar DZERDZ