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    Armenians, the Hidden Grandmothers 52'  - 2024  - SCENIUS Productions

    The director Alexandra Routhiau Mikaélian, French of Armenian origin, made a promise to her grandfather, to find the members of their family in Turkey based on a simple name, Shahimé, this sister he was never able to meet. From this journey through time in search of the living, Alexandra will lift the veil of one of the most deeply rooted taboos in Turkish society, those for which you still risk your life.


    This story is the stories of these millions of Armenians and Turks, those we call the « hidden Armenians » or the «  remnants of the sword » descendants of women and children converted and forcibly integrated into the Turkish population during the Armenians genocide. For the first time, we tell the missing stories of these women, victims of the genocide, the Armenian grandmothers who passed on their stories by whispering.


    As the writer and lawyer Féthiye Cetin, who appears in the film, explains :

    « Every Turk discovers that he may have Armenian blood in his veins and every Armenian, including in the diaspora, realizes that he may have Muslim cousins in Turkey »


    110 years after the events of 1915, it is time to open the book of this common history in a documentary but above all the doors of silence, to finally be able to wound together and build bridges towards reconciliation.


    Armenians, the Hidden Grandmothers
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