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    Battered children, the law should have saved them 90'  - 2011  - Chasseur d'Etoiles

    Eight-year-old Marina died last year, battered to death by her father and mother.
    Before her, seven-year-old Dylan and two-year old Enzo silently endured years of unimaginable abuse at the hands of their parents and families.
    What’s going on in France? Why are we unable to protect our children? Why don’t we take remove them from their persecutors? What are the State child protection services doing?
    How can we accept the negligence sometimes displayed by the social services and the law?
    The aim of this investigation is to answer these questions and to call all those responsible for these tragedies to account.
    A film that doesn’t pull its punches.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French and International support SD producer Chasseur d'Etoiles director Anne Gintzburger