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    BEING A FATHER 52'  - 2020  - Crescendo Media Films

    The "new" fathers: what does being a father mean today?

    What is a father’s place in a parental couple or in society today? Through interviews with specialists, psychotherapists, scientists, doctors, and historians, but above all through the touching testimonies of fathers themselves, the film asks how the role has evolved over the centuries? What does it mean to be a father today? And what is the future of fatherhood? We explore the place of the father in a variety of situations, including prenatal life, adoption, and even the bereavement of a parent, in order to reveal the importance of this role in today’s world.

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    version French and M&E support HD producer Crescendo Media Films director Frédéric Zamochnikoff author Jean-Pier Delaume-Myard et Cyril Lepeigneux