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    Bitten by the Transylvania Bug 60'  - 2016  - SEQUENCE 3 Productions

    The very mention of Transylvania sets the name of Count Dracula, the famous vampire, ringing in our ears. But when you take a closer look, behind its impregnable fortresses and impenetrable forests, Transylvania reveals a much less frightening face. Between the discovery of spectacular castles, historic villages, the protection of wild bears and a renewed local interest in gastronomy, we follow the path of enthusiasts who have been well ahead of the times in understanding Transylvania’s potential.

    Through their dreams and their struggles, we set off on a journey - from which we will return! - to the homeland of Dracula.


    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French, M&E support HD producer SEQUENCE 3 Productions director Yohann Bensoussan & Clara Mazuir