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    Brahms, Symphony N°2 in D major, op.7 42'  - 2015  - Heliox Films

    After the slow maturation of the First Symphony, the composition of the second one takes one year and its creation in Vienna by Wagnerian conductor Hans Richter is a success. Everybody find it more understandable and brighter. Brahms himself spoke of " waltze series" or "gay and innocent little symphony"
    Yet he said to his publisher Simrock: "I’ve never wrote anything so sad [...]: the partition should be edited with a black frame "; He also wrote to the composer Vinzenz Lachner who deplored the darkness trombones and tuba in the non troppo Allegro: " I must admit that I am an extremely melancholic man."
    It is therefore a work of internal contrasts where serenity of classical heritage mingles with northern tensions.

    The Dissonances, homage to the famous quartet of Mozart, is a collective of artists created by violinist David Grimal. The musical ensemble without conductor, has an absolute liberty of programming choices. This independence offers musicians the opportunity to meet a new audience sometimes intimidated by the so-called classical music and to bring the public a new vision of the major repertoire.

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