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    BRU(i)T (Noise) 52'  - 2021  - Tangaro/CLC Productions – Cie R.A – téléGrenoble – LCN La Chaîne Normande

    A nightmarish comedy, combining circus, dance and theatre.

    Examining our obsession with existing - sometimes noisily - in the eyes of others, “Bru(i)t” is a one-man theatrical/musical show in which a man struggles to be heard. Wanting to amplify his voice, he finally brings out all the sounds contained within him. These noises then invade the space like wild beasts.

    Every gesture and movement is enveloped in a sound universe and amplified thanks to a very simple technical device: a microphone, cables and speakers, turned into choreographic objects. For better or for worse, the actor and circus artist comes to terms with this collection of sounds in a staging with a strong physical dimension, which is never far from slapstick.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version Music / Concert support HD producer Tangaro/CLC Productions – Cie R.A – téléGrenoble – LCN La Chaîne Normande director Jérémy Rozen