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    BRYAN FERRY, Don’t Stop the Music 52'  - 2020  - Les Films de la Butte

    Inventor of glam rock in the early 1970s, Bryan Ferry single-handedly embodies 50 years of English pop history.

    A living legend, with Roxy Music, he brought a shot of sassy visual creativity to pop – heralding the arrival of punk. Instead of becoming bogged down in his own mythology, Bryan Ferry has changed with the times and has never stopped reinventing himself, launching himself into other genres such as jazz. Narrated by Ferry himself, the film gives a very personal account of his relationship to art and music, and emblematic moments in his career such as Re-Make/Re-Model, Love Is The Drug, This Is Tomorrow, Do the Strand, Dance Away and Avalon… A wonderful account of Bryan Ferry by the man himself.

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    version Française, M&E support HD producer Les Films de la Butte director Catherine Ulmer Lopez author Catherine Ulmer Lopez & Jean Daniel Beauvallet