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    Couples in Crisis 80'  - 2012  - TV PRESSE

    At the beginning of a relationship we share everything: our tastes, our desires, our vision of life and of our future together… But over time, opportunities to surprise one other and collaborate on projects become less frequent. After a few years, we come to the sad realisation that, “we don’t have anything to say any more”, which is often synonymous with falling out of love. We meet some couples whose relationship problems are threatening to throw their lives out of balance. Love makes us blind, as the saying goes, but it doesn’t give us second sight. What can we do when, as time passes, a relationship starts to wear thin? How can we combat the jealousy, resentment and boredom that so often afflict a marriage? A great many questions, which the film attempts to answer through the testimonies of couples determined to pull through a crisis situation.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French and International support SD producer TV PRESSE director Nabyla Zaknoun