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    DE GAULLE vs. CHURCHILL: memories of war 52'  - 2023  - Golden Light Productions

    The film narrate the battle of memorialists that Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill fought while writing their respective Memoirs which tell their Second World War but not always from the same point of view. We rediscover Churchill and De Gaulle under a new light, as writers in a genre they have in common, i.e., as memorialists.

    As soon as the Second World War was over, Winston Churchill and General de Gaulle who had had many opportunities to agree and disagree with each other over four years of conflict, found themselves again, unbeknown to all, on a battle field-- that of memory.


    They both wrote their war memoirs separately, each one aware that the other was doing the same thing at the same time. It was a duel of memorialists.

    The aim here is to shed a new light on De Gaulle and Churchill. It is not to add another story to their masterful historical role, but to paint an unknown cross portrait of de Gaulle and Churchill as writers, in a specific genre they have in common, that of memorialists.

    Two statesmen who left their mark on the 20th century at one of its most tragic moments - the Second World War.

    Two uncompromising patriots who during these dark days met and appreciated each other and worked together. But they argued, opposed, even hated each other.

    Eventually two great actors of History, who felt the same need : to write their war Memoirs.

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