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    Europa Berlin – The National Jazz Orchestra 58'  - 2015  - CLC Productions

    At the head of the National Jazz Orchestra, with his Europa programme Olivier Benoit offers us a kaleidoscope of the musical landscape of the great European cultural capitals. Over the last 25 years, the city of Berlin has been re-establishing its unity. It is also a fascinating city that attracts artists and travellers alike. "Berlin Exil" has been fed by the aesthetic and musical currents of Berlin: minimalist music, free jazz and electronic music. Olivier Benoit delivers a decidedly subjective image of the city: very typical compositions, intentionally lyrical and sometimes contradictory sound textures and irresistible outbursts of soloist energy.
    Recorded during the Détours de Babel festival.


    L’effacement des traces (Olivier Benoit)
    Métonymie (Olivier Benoit)
    Révolution (Olivier Benoit)
    22M 5St (Olivier Benoit)
    Oblitération (Olivier Benoit)
    Réécriture (Olivier Benoit)
    Persistance de l’oubli – thème I (Olivier Benoit)
    Persistance de l’oubli – thème II (Olivier Benoit)


    Europa Berlin – The National Jazz Orchestra
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