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    Fifty years of ANGE 80'  - 2020  - Tangaro /CLC Productions – ArtDisto –TéléGrenoble – Télénantes - LCN La Chaîne Normande

    Half a century of passion for the oldest French band still performing today.

    A unique opportunity to look back over the greatest moments in an extraordinary career.

    Tireless pioneers in the field of progressive rock, these living legends continue to seduce, provoke and astonish their loyal fans with their generosity, originality and atypical lyricism.

    Exploring the unknown with a mixture of audacity and infectious joy, ANGE have gone where many feared to tread, creating music that seems to flow from the fountain of youth... A pledge of eternity...

    The "Toute une vie d’Ange" farewell tour kicks off with these two dates at the Trianon (Paris): an evening full of surprises with some exceptional guests.


    Recorded January 31st and February 1st, 2020 at The Trianon, Paris

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version Music / Concert support HD producer Tangaro /CLC Productions – ArtDisto –TéléGrenoble – Télénantes - LCN La Chaîne Normande director Laurent Préyale