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    From trunk to laser sword 63'  - 2023  - Tangaro/CLC Productions – Musique Plurielles – TéléGrenoble – Télé Paese

    This show tells the story of instruments and musicians through the evolution of the production of sound.

    Musical instruments were born from gestures performed on differently shaped materials. Starting out as raw, natural objects, which were gradually transformed, instruments developed over the course of human evolution in conjunction with the advance of consciousness and technology.

    Passionate about the history of music from its earliest origins, Guy THEVENON shows us how human beings were able to produce sounds by adapting their gestures to natural objects. Over time, they gradually developed more complex instruments, branching out into new discoveries such as terracotta, metal, and synthetic materials.

    Surrounded by instruments, which he tells us about and plays, Guy THEVENON takes us on an original and animated journey through the world of music.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French support HD producer Tangaro/CLC Productions – Musique Plurielles – TéléGrenoble – Télé Paese director Laurent Préyale