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    Goddesses & Demonesses, Bianca Li & Maria Alexandrova 76'  - 2016  - Heliox Films

    A meeting between two dance stars for a “mythological” creation. As in Antiquity, they confront each other, transform themselves into Goddesses or demonesses in order to change the destiny of mortals and spread power, joy and energy all around them. Are these two female dancers two sides of the same coin? Operating heat and cold, they represent chaos and harmony.

    For Blanca Li, choreographer, film director, dancer, actress, and Maria Alexandrova, lead dancer of the Bolchoï Ballet, this pas de deux is an opportunity to explore and combine their secret personalities. They come together as twins in harmony and violence to assert their differences and similarities.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French & International support HD producer Heliox Films director Jérôme Cassou