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    GYMNASTICS, a no-sweat cultural workout 102 x 5'  - 2019  - La Blogothèque / Milgram

    GYMNASTICS is a new form of timeless cultural programme. Each episode arouses our curiosity, directs our gaze towards extraordinary characters, and creates links between topics that, at first glance, have little in common. GYMNASTIQUE catches the spirit of the time, identifies emerging trends and tells singular, surprising and unexpected stories.
    A wide range of topics that combine journalistic rigour, exacting narrative and humour! Previously unheard or little-known stories, (falsely) naive questions that we have all asked ourselves without ever actually asking out loud!

    - The picture that divides mankind in two
    - The writer who could neither read nor write
    - The whole of Corbusier in one cabin
    - Carolyn Carlson: the day we danced barefoot at the opera
    - A good meme never dies
    - Letraset, the punk font
    - Mario Batkovic, the Red Dead Redemption 2 accordionist
    - Pixel is not dead
    - Mending towns with Lego
    - The righteous man of Gomorra
    - Viollet-Le-Duc, the man who wanted to refurbish the Mont-Blanc
    - The statues of Ancient Greece weren’t white
    - The Spotify of the GDR
    - Hollywood: the art of erasure
    - The nightmares factory
    - Who killed the French superheroes?
    - Photogaphy without a camera
    - John Law, the agitator who inspired “Fight Club”
    - Blood on the boards
    - Why do conductors have batons?
    - Where are the female painters from The Renaissance ?
    - White Zones, exploration of the empty spaces
    - Art, the head in the clouds
    - Why do we applaud at a show?
    - 90° a spilling art
    - Anthropocene: Artists of the living
    - Holmes, the father of the horrors house
    - Vava Dudu: The best kept secret in fashion
    - Once upon a time Keith Haring in the loo
    - Bretch Evens, comic without speech bubble nor frame
    - But who is Mac Guffin ?
    - the woman who shapes the image of punk
    - The tit which creates YouTube
    - Why do you sing out of tune ?
    - The Bahaus spirit in one photo
    - The art to turn crap into gold
    - Fear ! The witches are back !
    - The concert that will last 639 years
    - The Joconde doesn’t keep watching you
    - The craftman publisher
    - Pornography : the letters take off the O
    - Why do the heavy metal music fans wear long hairs ?
    - Saype, graffiti artist from the fields
    - The dress making Goethe turning in his grave
    - The emancipated from Gnaoua music
    - What Gotham means to say ?
    - Dungeons & Dragons: the red box that changed everythinhg
    - Proust’s madeleine could have been a crispbread

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