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    HANDBAGS: THE WINDOW TO A WOMAN’S SOUL 52'  - 2012  - Films Paris New-York

    Alone in front of the camera, women of all ages… open their handbags and their hearts to us! Confronted with themselves in an uncluttered space, this “off-loading” soon passes from the literal to the figurative.
    “It’s not polite to look through a woman’s handbag”… Apart from house keys and money, their contents can include a startlingly eclectic selection of objects, including diaries, notebooks filled with confidential jottings, and apparently useless but nonetheless valued “treasures”.
    Pierre Klein takes a close look at this female object par excellence and discovers what the contents of a woman’s handbag can reveal about her personality.
    Giving women the floor, he gives us an overview of “today’s woman”, with her anxieties and challenges, through a multitude of highly individual portraits.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version french and International support HD producer Films Paris New-York director Pierre KLEIN