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    Hedda Gabler: we usually tolerate the inevitable 123'  - 2019  - Heliox Films

    Roland Auzet presents a musical adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's play, Hedda Gabler. Hedda is bored with the mediocrity of her existence, and looking for a way to escape to another future. Sitting at a grand banquet, a tragic fate awaits her.
    Dissatisfied with her condition and her marriage to Jorgen, Hedda struggles to find meaning to her life.
    What interests Roland Auzet about the character of Hedda is her quest for the other. How does she forge her social relationships? What magnetism does she exert, in her relations with her former lover Lovborg, or even with Judge Brack, a friend of the couple, who has designs on her? Cold, individualistic, demanding, Hedda maintains a certain distance with others.
    Actors, musicians and singers combine in this adaptation of Ibsen’s work, which Roland Auzet intersperses with texts by Falk Richter to give us his vision of these timeless, tragic and powerful characters.

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    version French & International support HD producer Heliox Films director Jérémie Schellaert