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    IN SLOW MO 28 x 1’30’’  - 2016  - PUZZLE MEDIA

    In this artistic and instructive sequence, a champion in his or her category (rollerblading, skateboarding, surfing, motocross, kite surfing, BMX, longboard...) is filmed performing one of his favourite manoeuvres with high-speed cameras and analyses various stages of his performance.

    - Maxime Charveron: The truck driver (BMX street riding in Paris)
    - Diaby Diako: The barani (rollerskating in Paris)
    - Robin Bolian: The backside disaster (rollerskating in Paris)
    - Matthias Dandois: The Barspin (flatland BMX in Paris)
    - Sarah Lezito: The top (motocross stunt in Biarritz)
    - Yoann Leroux: The cork to touch (free running in Paris)
    - Maxime Huscenot: The tail slide (surfing in Hossegor)
    - Lotfi Lamaali: The aero flip (longboarding in Paris)
    - Alex Jumelin: The fakie boomerang (flatland BMX in Paris)
    - Guillaume Gleyo : The Special K Jump (motocross stunt in Paris)
    - Jean-Yves “JD” Randriambelson: The Bri flip (freestyle scooter in Paris)
    - Edgar Torronteras: The Whip (freestyle motocross in Lille)
    - Warren Digne: The Fish Brain (rollerskating in Paris)
    - Julien Perret: The Jump (Motocross Trial in Paris)
    - Aurélien Giraud: The 360 Flip (skating in Biarritz)
    - Maxime Legrand: The Bar Twist (freestyle scooter in Paris)
    - Paul Serin: The S-Bend 360 (Kitesurfing in Marseilles)
    - George Poole: The Backside 360 (skating in Biarritz)
    - Tonia Kpargai: The double knee slide reverse 360 (Longboard in Paris)
    - Melvyn Masson: The time machine (flatland BMX in Paris)
    - Yannick Granieri: The 360 Whip (MTB in Aix)

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French & International support HD producer PUZZLE MEDIA director Jean Daniel Lagant