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    JAZZED OUT : ONE CITY, ONE JAZZ 7x85' and 80x 6 to 10’  - 2011-2012  - Kidam

    The black and white photograph of a jazz pianist smoking his cigarette stays still.
    KIDAM and MEZZO are working together to create and broadcast improvise live sessions, that push conventional jazz aside.
    Sketching a scene at the very top of modernity, we are looking for a music without any limits in the biggest cities of the World. Between its traditions, but Hip hop, rock, and electro influences as well, soaking up either trends and new technologies, we capture a snap of today’s jazz flow.
    A selection of ten bands perform a track that resounds with their own urban environment.
    Modernity and eclecticism flood out from the sequence shots that are questioning the relationship between the city and the music that lives in.
    Our project invites you to enjoy through the images, a jazz that had never been so real and that got ride off its winter clothes.

    Destinations: Paris, New York, Oslo, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Switzerland.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version French and International support HD producer Kidam director Mathieu Mastin