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    JEANNE ADDED – Both Sides 60'  - 2021  - WALTER Films

    A total solo. In the centre of a huge space, alone on a constantly shrinking stage, Jeanne Added engages in a hand-to-hand ballet with the camera.


    With Both Sides, Jeanne Added has invented a pure performance by sculpting her playing space into this huge white stage, suspended in the middle of nothing. Alone, without any pomp, the artist gives herself over completely to her vocals and dancing. An allegory of the dance floor, of a space that, by shrinking, opens itself up to immensity; or the struggle of a solitary figure, who fights while dancing, as the ground moves beneath her feet.


    The film of this live performance is unusual: a visual confrontation, a powerful musical battle, the pared-back presentation invites the spectator to share a unique experience. Exuding a singular and unique charm, this “living UFO” gives us an unprecedented perception of Jeanne’s intense music.


    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version Music / Concert support HD producer WALTER Films director Antoine Carlier