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    JUST PRESS PLAY 12 x 2'30''  - 2017  - MILGRAM

    Enter the wacky world of the web-series “De toutes pièces” (Just Press Play) !

    Over 12 episodes, actresses Juliette Chaigneau, Mélanie Le Moine, and Anaïs Harté, take an entertaining and off-beat look at the history of French theatre since 1947.


    With guest appearances by Joséphine De Meaux, Emmanuelle Devos, Frédéric Baron and Toma Roche.


    The web-series explains in simple terms what decentralised theatre means; thanks to this policy, today there are 38 National Drama Centres, 19 National Dance Centres and 72 National Theatres, in every region of France.


    Episode 1: What is decentralised theatre?

    Episode 2: What is drama?

    Episode 3: People’s theatre, elitist theatre?

    Episode 4: What’s theatre for?

    Episode 5: 1947, key dates in decentralisation

    Episode 6: How much does it cost to go to the theatre?

    Episode 7: What was the theatre like before?

    Episode 8: Jeanne Laurent, a pillar of decentralisation

    Episode 9: Jean Dasté, founder of the first national drama centre

    Episode 10: Come as you are!

    Episode 11: What about dance?

    Episode 12: Packing Up

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    version French support HD producer MILGRAM director Pierre Chautard author Juliette Chaigneau, Mélanie Le Moine, Anaïs Harté