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    AKHENATEN, the secrets of the forgotten Pharaoh 52'  - 2023  - FACTUAL FACTORY - AH! PRODUCTION

    September 2020, near Luxor.

    A team of Egyptian archaeologists has announced the discovery of a lost city buried under the sands, near the Valley of the Kings. 3400 years old, it is the largest ancient city ever unearthed and one of the greatest discoveries since the tomb of Tutankhamun.

    Buried for millennia, archaeologists have just unearthed the remains of a veritable city of gold.

    The city, called Aten, is very well preserved. It is made up of three royal palaces, and three quarters: one for the administration, a residential area where the workers slept, and the last for industry. All these structures are full of everyday items.


    One of the oldest Egyptian mummies was discovered there. According to Professor Salima Ikram, head of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo, "If this is indeed an Old Kingdom mummy, all the books on mummification and the history of the Old Kingdom will have to be revised. »


    Aten is said to have been founded by Amenhotep III, the pharaoh who reigned in Egypt from 1391 to 1353 BCE, one of the most prosperous periods of ancient Egypt.

    Egyptologists assume that Aten was still active during the reigns of Pharaoh Aÿ and Tutankhamun.

    Aten would have been abandoned during the reign of Akhenaten, son of Amenhotep III, who wanted to move the capital of the empire to Amarna, hundreds of kilometers up to the north. A large part of the city is still to be discovered, but already the experts speak of "the Egyptian version of Pompeii".


    This discovery calls into question the established knowledge of Egyptian history and could reveal many other secrets...


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