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    LA PETITE HISTOIRE DE FRANCE 923 x 2-3’ + 1 x 90’  - 2015-2023  - KISSMAN Productions

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    The series consists of a succession of humorous scenes taking place in different periods in France: “Everyone knows Vercingétorix, Joan of Arc, Louis XIV and Napoleon. On the other hand, their cousins did not go down in History... La Petite Histoire de France has decided to repair this error. »


    In year 1, in Marsal, a small town in Moselle, Yorik, son of a cousin and war companion of Vercingétorix, would like to be able to enjoy the benefits of romanization in peace.


    In 1430, François d'Arc was the cousin of Joan of Arc. He lives in Domrémy, Jeanne's native village, with his wife Ysabeau and Gaspard, a sheep breeder. François tries by all means to free his cousin from the Burgundians.


    In 1695, Count Philippe Honoré de Roche Saint-Pierre, cousin of Louis XIV, was expelled from Versailles by the King without any reason. He lives with his wife Marie-Louise, their valet Frémont, and all their servants and courtiers at the Château de La Croutinière, 250 kilometers from Versailles; they are deeply bored there and do everything to try to return to the king's court.


    In 1810, Jean Plancher, his wife Renata and their son Baptiste ran an inn, “Chez Bonaparte”, in Paris, Faubourg Saint- Honoré. Renata is the cousin of Napoleon Bonaparte. Jean complains that the emperor no longer has any regard for them since he came to power. Baptiste is part of a theater troupe, but his father always makes him miss his rehearsals. On the other hand, Jean and Renata have the hope in their son that he will succeed them at the head of the inn, but obviously, Baptiste does not see it that way.


    - Season 1: 241 episodes  – 689 minutes
    - Season 2: 240 episodes  – 700 minutes
    - Season 3: a 90-minute episode

    - Season 4: 242 episodes  – 875 minutes
    - Season 5: 200 episodes  – 704 minutes


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    version Français + M&E / FORMAT producer KISSMAN Productions director David Salles, Vincent Burgevin, Virginie Lovisone, Jonathan Barré, Pierre Leix-Cote, Baya Rehaz author Series created by : Jamel Debbouze, Laurent Tiphaine, Frank Cimière