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    La Yegros at La Cigale, Paris 4K 90'  - 2019  - Heliox Films

    La Yegros, the Argentine diva queen of Nu Cumbia, is back in Paris to present her new album "Suelta", produced by the legendary Argentine producer King Coya (musical director and composer of Fuerza Bruta and De La Guarda).
    Promising a truly incredible concert, the singer loosens up the rustiest bodies, radiating energy with infectious joy as though spitting fire. The fusion of musical genres, shaman, cumbia, carnavalito mixed with Andean folklore, passed through the mill of Jamaican dancehall and electronic production, creates a cocktail for which only La Yegros holds the patent!

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version Music & Concert support HD + 4K producer Heliox Films director David Unger