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    Les Dissonances : TITAN 4K 106'  - 2018  - Heliox Films

    Mahler's symphonic music is a new challenge for Les Dissonances, currently in residence at the Dijon Opera: they approach the repertoire without a conductor, and each musician bears part of the collective artistic responsibility. Mahler's First Symphony is a leap into a new world that is both familiar and disturbing.
    Recorded on the 24th October 2018 at the Koningin Elisabethsaal in Antwerp
    - Johannes Brahms - violin concerto in D major op.77 - 43min
    - Gustav Mahler - Symphony number 1, Titan - 62mn
    In 2004, the creation of the Les Dissonances artists’ collective by the violinist David Grimal began an extraordinary adventure, a tribute to the famous Mozart quartet as well as the signal of a constructive divergence from the usual habits of thinking.

    Technical sheet Infos Pictures Videos
    version Music & Concert support HD + 4K producer Heliox Films director Frédéric Delesques