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    LET’S THINK! 36 x 3'  - 2021  - BAYARD

    A series of short animations to help children develop their own opinions, understand the world and their inner selves: emotions, social relations, life’s values...

    This series takes a poetical and humorous look at the great existential questions that Chonchon, Mina, Plume and Raoul ask themselves as they play: “What makes us happy?”, Why do we sometimes feel afraid?”, What’s the point of being bored?”, and What does being in love mean?” At the end, the young viewers are invited to carry on thinking about these questions, because they are little philosophers too!




    • Why don't we always agree?
    • What is a friend?
    • Why do we go to school?
    • Why do we sometimes say "It's not fair"?
    • What is a  boss?
    • What is anger?
    • Why do we laugh?
    • Why are we sometimes sad?
    • When are we grown up?
    • Where are we before we are born?
    • What does it mean to think?
    • What is being jealous?
    • Why are we sometimes mean?
    • How bad is it to get it wrong?
    • What makes us happy?
    • Why can't we do whatever we want?
    • Why are we sometimes afraid?
    • Why is it bad to damage nature?
    • What does it mean to be in love?
    • What does it mean to be the strongest?
    • Why do we always have to wait?
    • Do we always have to share?
    • What’s beautiful ?
    • What do we do when we're dead?
    • What’s the point of being bored?
    • Is learning easy? Is it difficult?
    • What is a gift?
    • Can we know everything?
    • Are there things for girls? For boys?
    • Why do bad words exist ?
    • Why do we like to party?
    • Why do we have to choose?
    • Why do we have to say sorry?
    • Why do we sometimes lie?
    • What is true? What is false?
    • Making fun, does it make you laugh? Does it hurt?



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    version French, English, M&E support HD producer BAYARD